Fix QuickBooks 2022 Multi-User Mode, not Working Error


QuickBooks is an efficient bookkeeping software that allows organizations to connect multiple systems with the help of a network to share business data. Users can face problems establishing the network due to QuickBooks 2022’s multi-user mode not working.

If this issue develops on your QBDT2022, go through this blog to understand its triggers and effective techniques to use against it.

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Reasons Why QuickBooks 2022 Faces Issues with the Multi-User Mode

You’ll run into problems while sharing a company file on a network if QBDT fails to switch to multi-user mode. The reasons this multi-user mode issue affects your QuickBooks are described below:

  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager crashes in the background due to security program restrictions or internal damage.
  • The Windows account DBSM creates to run on your PC has developed some issues interfering with the network.
  • DBSM processes stop responding to QB requests or get interrupted by other PC applications.

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Solutions to Handle Multi-User Errors in QB 2022

You cannot host your company file on a multi-user network if the software fails to run in multi-user mode. You can apply the following solutions to repair the multi-user mode issue in your QBDT:

Solution 1: Create a New DBSM User Account in your Windows

The multi-user network you use to host the company file directly depends on the Database Server Manager. QBDT won’t be able to use the multi-user mode if DBSM faces any issues and fails to run. This happens if its files get isolated by a security program or the DBSM account on your Windows develops some issues. You must configure your security program to exclude DBSM from its blocked list and also prevent QBDGMgrN.exe or QBDBMgr.exe from getting quarantined. Once DBSM is safe from the antivirus, you can create a new DBSM account as shown in these steps:

  1. Single-click the Windows Start menu and tap Settings (Gear icon) in the pop-up list.
  2. Select Accounts in the control panel menu and click User Accounts in the next window.
  3. Click Remove user account and find qbdataserviceuserXX in the list.
  4. Highlight the user account with a single click and hit Delete.
  5. Launch QuickBooks and click OK if a dialogue box appears prompting you to run DBSM.
  6. Specify your company file from the Browse option and scan it to recreate a new DBSM account in Windows.

If QBDT still fails to switch to multi-user mode, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Restart QuickBooks DBSM Processes from the Task Manager

QuickBooks also develops problems using the multi-user mode if DBSM processes get interrupted or stopped due to minor issues on your system. You can restart the processes using the task manager as shown in these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard and select the Task Manager option in the next menu.
  2. Move under the Processes tab and click the QuickBooksDBXX process.
  3. Tap End Task and close the task manager after DBSM stops running.

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This is the end of our blog explaining the reasons for QuickBooks 2022 multi-user mode not working on your computer and the problems it can cause. The blog also suggests some effective ways to fix the issue, which you must apply to use the multi-user mode in QBDT without issues. Contact a QB professional at +18557380359 for assistance or to resolve remaining queries about the multi-user issue.

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