10 Tips for Training Your Dog to Respect Their Durable Bed

Justin Foley

Durable Dog Bed

Dog beds are a great way to give our pets a comfortable place to relax and sleep. However, some dogs never learn proper manners when it comes to respecting their bed space. Destructive digging, chewing, and rough play can quickly ruin an expensive, high-quality dog bed.

As a dog owner, you want to curb these unwanted bed behaviors, so your pup can enjoy their durable bed for years to come. With consistent training using positive reinforcement and clear expectations, you can teach even the most stubborn dog to love its bed correctly. It simply takes time and commitment to shape the habits you want to see.

In this detailed guide, we will provide 10 helpful training tips to prevent your pup from treating their luxe bed like a chew toy. From establishing location boundaries and rewarding calmness to exercising before bed access and managing privileges, these methods will transform your disrespectful dog into a bed-loving angel. With your training guidance, you can look forward to your dog snuggling into its intact bed for a peaceful slumber night after night.

Read on to learn the keys to creating an environment where your dog respects their bed as a cherished sanctuary, not a destructive plaything. Your high-quality, modern, and durable dog bed will thank you!

Set Location Expectations

Decide where you want your dog’s bed to be placed – like a corner of the living room or bedroom. Always return it to the same desired spot if your dog tries to drag it elsewhere. This establishes that the bed has a proper place in the home. Each time your dog is on the bed in the right location, verbally praise and reward with treats. Use phrases like “Good bed!” so they learn the bed itself earns rewards.

Make It Inviting

Introduce your pet to their modern dog beds in a positive way by sprinkling treats around and on top of them. Encourage them to step onto the bed and reward them for lying down. You can also rub catnip or place your favorite toys on it to make it more enticing. Feeding your dog on their bed establishes good associations. The goal is for your dog to view their bed as a great place to relax and drift off to sleep.

Set Boundaries

Be consistent in not allowing chewing, digging, or rough play with the bed. If your pup starts nibbling or scratching at it, immediately give a firm “No” or “Off.” Redirect their energy by inviting them to play with a toy elsewhere. Praise and treat when they step off the bed. Use baby gates, exercise pens, or crate training to restrict access if needed.

Limiting freedom prevents rehearsing unwanted bed behavior when unsupervised. Close supervision and interrupting with corrections are key in the initial training stages.

Reward Calm Bed Behavior

Whenever you notice your dog laying quietly and calmly on their bed, shower them with praise, petting, and treats. Verbal cues like “Good settle” reinforce the desired behavior. This shows your dog that relaxing on the bed is a good thing they should continue doing. Get them accustomed to having downtime in their bed after playtime or walks.

With enough rewards for calmness, they will seek out their bed on their own as a soothing space.

Practice Obedience On The Bed

Incorporate training exercises using the bed. Ask your dog to perform commands like sit, stay, down while on their bed – then reward! This strengthens obedience and forms positive associations with the bed itself. Work on longer down-stays and impulse control training with food or toys placed on the bed, within sight but not within the paw’s reach.

Having your pup practice these structured activities shows that the modern dog bed is not just for wild play.

Provide Plenty Of Dog Toys

Now that you have a modern and durable dog bed installed in your home, it’s time for some activity. Having a wide selection of tough, engaging chew toys available will satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts and prevent directing them onto the bed. Rotating novel toys keeps their interest. Avoid plush toys that resemble bedding material. Offer more enticing chews like frozen Kongs stuffed with treats, nylon bones, and rubber power chewers.

Reward your dog for playing with their own toys. This redirects their chewing to appropriate items.

Exercise Before Bedtime

Make sure your dog gets adequate physical and mental exercise each day. A long walk, game of fetch, or obedience training session will tire them out. Pent-up energy and boredom is often released through inappropriate chewing and destructive behavior. Get that energy out productively! Then bring your calm, tired dog to their bed and reward it with treats.

A well-exercised dog will be more inclined to simply unwind on their bed, not attack it out of restlessness.

Discourage Over-Excitement

If your dog starts acting hyper on their bed, jumping on and off it, insist they get off and stay off. Wait until they are relaxed again before inviting them back. Do not play roughhousing games with your dog on their bed; this sends mixed signals. Be calm and consistent – their bed is for lounging, not leaping! Similarly, limit access after stressful events, when energy is likely to be high. Remain patient and keep rewarding quiet bed behavior.

They will learn that crazy antics get them removed from the coveted bed.

Manage Bed Privileges

If your dog continues having accidents or chewing episodes on their bed, use management techniques like crating or removing bed access to prevent rehearsing these undesired habits. Limit access to only when you are actively supervising. When you cannot monitor, either crate train your dog or take up the bed entirely.

As your dog masters appropriate bed behavior for longer periods while supervised, you can begin leaving it available for short, unsupervised periods. If no destructive behavior occurs, privileges can be extended gradually as they earn your trust. Management paired with training prevents regression.

Be Patient And Consistent

Changing long-term behaviors takes immense consistency and patience over weeks or months. There will inevitably be slip-ups, but remain calm and immediately redirect your dog back to what is acceptable. Endless repetition of praise and treats for good behavior on the bed and interrupting unwanted chewing habits are the keys to success.

If you stay on top of training daily and incentivize their bed as a super rewarding place, your dog will come to respect it. While it takes commitment, you will be ecstatic once your pet can enjoy the new, modern dog bed peacefully without destroying it!

Train Your Dog To Maintain A Clean And Durable Dog Bed For Maximum Comfort

Although no dog owner wants their new durable bed shredded to bits, destructive bed behavior is common without proper training. Have realistic expectations – most dogs won’t become bed-respecting angels overnight!

But by using rewards-based techniques focused on establishing where the bed should be, rewarding calmness on it, exercising before bedtime access, and managing privileges, you can modify unwanted chewing, digging, and roughhousing. Interrupt and redirect your dog every single time, and “catch” them doing the right bed activities often to instill good habits.

With remarkable consistency and patience, your dog can be taught to love lounging on their bed, not annihilating it. Put in the hard work now, and soon you’ll have a dog who happily snoozes in their designated spot and leaves their high-quality bed intact for peaceful slumber.

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