Various Kinds of Golf Clubs


Woods (which includes the driver), wedges, irons, wedges, and hybrids are the many kinds of Beginner Golf Clubs used by golfers. Because of their own unique designs, golfers can maximise their performance in a wide variety of conditions.

Learn everything there is to know about golf clubs with this helpful guide.

Woods (Including Drivers)

The term “woods” is used to describe the bigger of the several types of golf clubs. Whoever has the largest head is the one who drives. It’s a lot longer than the other clubs out there.

This club is often used by golfers on par 5 and par 4 courses when a long tee shot is required to reach the green in two strokes.


Iron and wood are used in the construction of rescue clubs, sometimes known as hybrids. The club heads are designed to feel heavy, like real wood. Swinging it feels more like you’re using an iron, but the lower MOI makes it perform more like wood.

The hybrid’s increased COR is an undeniable advantage. The Coefficient of Restitution (COR) measures the “springiness” of a golf club. Upon making contact with the ball, the face bends before springing back into place.


Iron golf clubs are often numbered 3-through-9 in today’s amateur game.

Typically, these heads are crafted from stainless steel. The 3-iron’s shaft length and loft are the lowest of any iron. With this club, most casual golfers may expect a 200-yard drive.


Most beginner golfers are put off by golf clubs that are marked with numbers and letters. Degrees are used as the numbers on wedges.
Common letters are P, A, L, and S. The highest lofted wedge is a 56-degree S-shaped one, sometimes known as a sand wedge. The other wedges have lofts of 45, 50, and 60 degrees, respectively, and are the pitching wedge, approach wedge, and lob wedge.


Everyone is familiar with putters since they are the basic club used in mini and adventure golf at carnivals. On the putting green, you’ll want to use a putter, a special kind of golf club.

The green is the area of the golf course that has the finest grass. The putter can be used anywhere around the green, not just on it. Again, this is a great step for a newbie to take.
There is a wide variety of putters available. You can’t go wrong with any putter from the Spider lineup, which is your most crucial club since you use it on every hole.

Mastering the putter takes time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it when you make a birdie putt from 12 feet out on the 18th hole in front of the clubhouse full of critical members watching you play!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, golfers use a total of five different kinds of clubs when out on the green. With this fresh insight, you can choose the right set of golf clubs for your needs. Also, do not miss out on getting one of the Swagg golf shirts.

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