Finding and Choosing the Perfect Panna Stone: Glistening Green Marvels


The world of colored gemstones has flourished with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Out of these stones with unmatched allure and significance, the emerald stone is the best of all green-colored stones. This beautiful green stone reflects the freshness of spring and stimulates new beginnings and growth. One of the varieties of beryl minerals, the characteristic green color of the stone is due to the presence of chromium in small amounts. All green emeralds are not Panna stone. Thus, it is important to choose the perfect natural emerald stone with the right features characteristic of the stone. This blog deals with the factors that lead to choosing the right Panna gemstone.

What Color of Marathakam Stone is Best?

The more valued emeralds are those with vivid and intense green color. The stones with medium saturation with an even distribution of color are preferred. Though the color of emeralds ranges from bluish green to dark green, those with too yellow or bluish hue are not considered valuable stones.  

  • Choosing the Stone Based on its Origin 

Emeralds, known for their vibrant green hue, are discovered in various countries, including Australia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, the USA, Colombia, Zambia, and numerous other locations worldwide. Finding emerald stones based on their origin is another factor that initiates the buying process. Among various origins, Colombian and Zambian emeralds are popular. Though different in origin and many other features, both these varieties are stunning. 

  • Colombian emeralds have an impressive hue of warm green, whereas Zambian emeralds feature a deep green with a tint of bluish hue.
  • In comparison to Colombian green emeralds, Emeralds from Zambia exhibit fewer inclusions. 
  • The major contribution of emeralds globally is from Colombia.

Do Inclusions help decide the Right Emerald Stone?

Clarity is another determining factor that helps in choosing the right Panna stone. The gemstones with few or no inclusions are valuable and rare. The different types of inclusions present in emerald stone are fissures, cavities and chips, growth tubes, spirals and fingerprints. The common inclusions called fissures or features are seen in natural emerald stone. According to GIA, there are three types on which clarity is graded.

  • Type 1: These gemstones feature no inclusions 
  • Type 2: Stones that have slight inclusions 
  • Type 3: This type features gemstones that are always included. These inclusions in emerald are popularly known as ‘Jardin,’ meaning garden.

The presence of inclusions is natural in emeralds, and the gem cutters should cut the gemstone in such a way that these inclusions are not visible. 

Is Marakata Stone or Panna Stone enhanced?

Enhancement or treatment gives the emerald stone an attractive color and clarity. As stated above, these green-colored gemstones feature inclusions. Thus, with treatment, these imperfections are improved. Today, in the market, most of the emerald gemstones are enhanced. The most common emerald treatments are those with oil, resin or wax. The four grades on which Panna stone is based, oil treatment is specified generally in a lab certificate as none, minor, moderate and high. The emerald stone with ‘none’ grade treatment is highly desirable. Another factor that needs to be considered is the carat weight. The higher the carat weight of the emerald gemstone, the higher the value.

What is the Best Cut for Panna Stone?

Green emeralds with a defined cut have great value. The gem with proper symmetry emphasizes great color and brilliance. The gem cutters must take care of the equal distribution of colors. The emeralds display fractures or fissures and are thus prone to damage. A skilled gem cutter thus shapes the gemstone to have minimum inclusions. Emerald cut is considered one of the best cuts in the case of emeralds. This cut helps protect the stone from damage or breaking apart as vulnerable corners are faceted. These corners are set perfectly in prongs or any other setting. 

How to buy a Panna Stone?

Buying a Panna stone online takes into account the 4C’s. Choosing a vivid green-hued emerald with few or no inclusions is recommended. However, cutting doesn’t directly impact the price of the stone, but one must choose a symmetrical cut that maximizes the stone’s hue, tone and saturation. The stones with high carat weight are priced higher. For instance, at Navratan, the price of an emerald stone of 3.28 carat is less than an emerald stone of 4.18 carat. Both Colombian and Zambian emeralds are better when choosing the gemstone as per the origin. If you are looking for an exceptional hue, you should go for Colombian emeralds, while for emeralds with low inclusions, you must choose Zambian emeralds. 

In the quest for the perfect Panna stone, we’ve unraveled the enchanting world of these green gems. This blog features valuable insight from understanding the four Cs that define their quality to discerning natural from synthetic gems. Whether you seek it for its beauty, astrological benefits, or as a symbol of nature’s elegance, emeralds are perfect radiant stones. 

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