How to Download the Payroll Tax Table Update in QuickBooks Desktop?

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How to Download the Payroll Tax Table Update in QuickBooks Desktop?

Updating the program and its features on time is necessary to get the latest features and fixes. One such feature of QuickBooks that you need to keep updated for error-free functioning and tax calculations is; payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop. 

The updated tax table offers accurate tax calculations for supported provincial and federal tax tables, e-filing options, and many other payroll benefits to users.  

Now, you must be wondering what the process will be to get the ‘payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop‘ and enjoy the discussed feature. Don’t worry; below, we are sharing the complete process of how you can update the tax table and a way of checking the version of your current payroll. 

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How to Check the Current Version of Payroll in payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop

Before you start payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop, you should make sure which version you are using. Check the payroll version in QuickBooks by following these steps:  

  • First, launch the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now move the cursor to the Employees menu and click on it. 
  • Further, select My Payroll Services from the dropdown menu. 
  • Now click on Tax Table Information. 
  • A number will be shown under You are using tax table version. The first three digits of this reflect the version you are using.  
  • If you are using the current version of payroll, the version will read 11833003. 
  • In case your version does not reflect 11833003, it means you need to update the payroll tax table to its newest release. 

Points to Consider Before Installing the Latest Payroll Tax Table Update? 

Below we are mentioning some points that you should consider before you start installing the latest payroll tax table update: 

  • Before installing the payroll tax table, ensure you have an active payroll subscription
  • Keep the QuickBooks Desktop updated to the most recent version. 
  • Irregular network connections can trigger errors while downloading the Update. Therefore, make sure your internet connection is operational. 
  • It is recommended that you get the tax table update every 45 days or keep it updated after every payment you make to the users. 
  • If you want to save time and keep the payroll updated, turn on the automatic update feature of QuickBooks. It will make sure the payroll services are up-to-date ever after making every single payment. 

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Follow the Process to Get the Newest Payroll Tax Table 

You can download the payroll tax table update either manually or by setting it up to the Automatic Update. Setting up an automatic update is the easiest way to keep your payroll up-to-date. It will automatically download the Update as soon as the new version comes out. 

Below we mention the process for manually updating the tax table in QuickBooks: 

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Move your cursor to the top menu bar of QB and click on the Help menu. 
  • From there, all you need is to click on the Update QuickBooks option to proceed further. 
  • Now the Update QuickBooks Desktop window will pop up on your screen with three tabs: Overview, Options, and Update Now. 
  • Further, move to the Update Now tab. 
  • Here click on the Get Updates button
  • When done, exit the opened window and QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Finally, restart QuickBooks Desktop and enjoy the updated version of the payroll tax table.  

The process of manually downloading the ‘payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop‘ can be a little difficult for you. If you require any help or guidance, you can connect with our customer support team. 

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