Hard Flaccid Syndrome


Hard Flaccid Syndrome

Hard Flaccid Syndrome has only been identified as a male sexual disorder recently. It’s a relatively rare issue in men but it can have many negative consequences on their lives. On the other hand, Erectile Dysfunction is a much more common issue in men and a numerous amount studies have been undertaken on the subject. In this article, we will explore the possible causes and treatments of Hard Flaccid Syndrome. We will also discuss if it has any sort of connections with Erectile Dysfunction.

Hard Flaccid Syndrome

One may ask, what is Hard Flaccid Syndrome? Well, it is a problem that keeps the penis from fully relaxing even when it is in a non-aroused state. Due to this condition, the penis feels stiff to the touch even when it is flaccid. Even without any sort of stimulations penis feels firm in flaccid state.

Association With Erectile Dysfunction

Erections are caused by the relaxation of the corpora cavernosa muscles, as we all know. When these muscles relax, blood flows in and out of the penile tissues, which is how erections occurs. However, in Hard Flaccid Syndrome, these corpora cavernosa muscles lose their capacity to relax appropriately as they get stiff. Blood cannot circulate freely and properly in the penile tissues because these muscles are not relaxed properly. Therefore, men are unable to obtain powerful and spontaneous erections due to a lack of adequate blood supply. This is how Erectile Dysfunction develops as a result of Hard Flaccid Syndrome. HFS is considered as a possible cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Symptoms Of Hard Flaccid Syndrome

When males develop Hard Flaccid Syndrome, or HFS, some visible symptoms may start to manifest on them. For instance, when the penis is in a flaccid state, the most visible indication of HFS is penile rigidity or firmness. Most men with Hard Flaccid Syndrome face this issue. Other symptoms also include a lack of morning erections and sexual urge. Other potential Hard Flaccid Syndrome symptoms include numbness in the penis, painful ejaculation and while urinating, dryness of the penis foreskin.  Some men also suffer from Erectile Dysfunction due to Hard Flaccid Syndrome. They may require extra stimulation to get fully erect and in normal circumstances, they can’t obtain full erections.

Causes of Hard Flaccid Syndrome

Medical professionals still don’t fully understand the exact reasons behind Hard Flaccid Syndrome, primarily because there hasn’t been enough research undertaken. Lack of literature on this disease makes it very difficult to say what exactly causes this issue and what doesn’t. However, some potential causes have been identified. Penile trauma or damage is identified as the main potential cause of Hard Flaccid Syndrome. The nerves required to support powerful erections can get damaged by accidents or other means. Erectile function may not act as it should because of such injury. Such penile injuries can also result from aggressive masturbation or sexual activity. The nervous system’s imbalance may also contribute to this problem. The “fight or flight” response brought on by the sympathetic nervous system of human bodies causes the penile tissues to receive less blood. Such a reaction causes improper blood flow to the penis, which makes getting a complete erection more difficult and time-consuming.

Treatments of Hard Flaccid Syndrome

Due to the sheer lack of enough research and evidence, it’s difficult to identify exact Hard Flaccid Syndrome treatment options. Which treatment works best can only be known when the underlying cause of the issue is properly identified. But there are some treatments that can minimize the symptoms and enable men to enjoy better sex lives.

  1. Oral medications: To alleviate the discomforts and other symptoms associated with Hard Flaccid Syndrome, medications such as muscle relaxants or pain relievers may be recommended. However, some medicines can have negative consequences on other functions of the body. That’s why it’s recommended to consult with an experienced doctor before taking such drugs.
  2. Physical Therapy: Stretching exercises can help enhance the functionality of pelvic floor muscles. These exercises can help minimize the symptoms of Hard Flaccid Syndrome and bring much needed reliefs.
  3. Lifestyle Modifications: Eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly can help men maintaining their sexual as well as general health effectively. Bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption should be minimised. These habits can worsen the symptoms of HFS.
  4. Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave therapy is a relatively new treatment method that employs the use of special sound waves. Shockwave therapy for Hard Flaccid Syndrome can be a very effective treatment option since it enhances blood circulation in the penis, encourages the formation of new blood vessels, and speeds up the healing process in the body. The best thing about this therapy is that it requires no incision whatsoever and no downtime. According to MansMatters, a specialized men’s health clinic in London, when shockwave therapy is combined with EMTT therapy, the effectiveness of shockwave therapy in treating HFS increases dramatically.
  5. EMTT Therapy: Extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy, or EMTT therapy, is also a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic field to generate new endothelial cells and expedite their repair. Endothelial cells that are healthy and functional are critical for men to get strong erections. These cells are responsible for the production of NO, which is vital component of male erectile function.
  6. Psychological Therapy: Hard Flaccid Syndrome can create a great deal of emotional damage in a man, causing him to suffer from anxiety and depression. These psychological concerns might aggravate the symptoms and worsen the erectile function. Counselling or psychological therapies might help men become emotionally stronger and more capable in combating such complex sexual disorder.

Psychological Consequences of Hard Flaccid Syndrome

Hard Flaccid Syndrome can have may of physical and psychological consequences in men’s lives. Psychological consequences include anxiety, depression and lack of self-esteem. If men are unable to sexually perform properly, they can suffer from immense mental pressure. Their female partners may also suffer due to the lack of sexual satisfaction. Communication difficulties between partners can increase and if this issue is left unaddressed, then it can also lead to breakups. That’s why, psychological support is so important for men in this scenario.


Hard Flaccid Syndrome is still being studied by researchers and hopefully we will be able to learn more about this complex issue in near future. Until then, we have to work with all the tools we’ve got. If any of the HFS symptoms appear on your body, then don’t waste time and seek medical support as soon as you can. With early diagnosis and effective management, it’s very much possible to alleviate the symptoms and enhance erectile function in men.

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