Top 2 Ways To Get Rid Of QuickBooks Error 213

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QuickBooks Error 213

QuickBooks is an advanced bookkeeping application; however, like any other application, its users also encounter various issues while working on it. QuickBooks Error 213 is the same kind of error code that occurs when there is a mismatch between the data in the company file and the data stored in the memorized report template. It mostly appears when the company or business clients access the data at the same time and thus causes harm to the associated data reports. The error message for the 213 code says, “LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify Account list. Duplicate name encountered.”

The error message for 213 in QuickBooks Desktop simply says that the necessary information contains a copy rundown of components. However, this article will help you fix this error with quick steps.

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What are the Common Reasons Behind Error 213 in QuickBooks Desktop?

One of the main reasons behind the occurrence of this Duplicate Name Error code 213 in QuickBooks is having two or multiple files with a similar name. The  other reasons are described below:

  • There are some duplicate entries in your QBWin.log file.
  • Accidentally deleting records from the registry can also evoke this error.
  • Incorrect customer input can also lead to error 213.
  • Lacking documents because the company’s information documents accidentally erased them through the file library.

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How to Fix the QuickBooks Error 213 (Duplicate Name Error)?

You can use the following methods to fix the error code 213 in the QuickBooks application:

Fix 1: Change the Details of the Duplicate Files

  • Firstly, you need to press the F2 key while opening the QB company file and get the product information window on your screen.
  • At the same time, hit the Ctrl + 2 keys and open the Help window.
  • Then, from the Help window, click on the Start button and open the File tab.
  • After this, you need to click on the qbwin.log.file from the folder.
  • Then press the Ctrl + end button and check the bottom of the file.
  • Now, move ahead with the Ctrl +F key together and get the search window and locate the copies of the file on the system.
  • You can locate the name, customer message, and account from the error message.
  • Then, you need to choose and open the correct center for Employees, customers, and vendors.
  • After that, click on the specific view option and hit click on all Employees, customers, and vendors
  • Now, open the List menu for all the other names, customer messages, and accounts.
  • Check everything and then open the edit window by clicking twice on the name.
  • After that, do the required steps to settle down any duplicate account name if found.
  • For that, select the specific account and then hit the Edit button for it.
  • Then make changes as required; you can use options like punctuation, capitalization, or spacing to change the name.
  • Then, hit OK after changing names.
  • You can also settle down any other copied item that is set up in the qbwin.log.file in the same manner.
  • And after doing all this, you need to run the Verify Data utility from the File tab.

Fix 2: Access Qbwin.Log File Within QB Desktop

You can directly open the QuickBooks log file within the QB system to rectify this error 213 from the system in the following way:

  • For this, you need to launch the QuickBooks application on the system.
  • Then open the product information window with the help of the F2 Key
  • After that, on the product information window, you need to press the F3 Key & access the Help window.
  • In this window, you need to check for the QBW.Log file from the available options and select and open it.
  • Otherwise, you can also open this file directly by going on the path C:\Users\USER NAME\ appdata\ Local\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\ log\ XXX.
  • By any of the above steps, you can reach the file and then double-tap on it to access it.

The Final Note!

This was all about the QuickBooks Error 213. If you require any other help, then you can connect with our experts at the TFN +1-(855)-955-1942.

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