Types of Drugs


Types of Drugs

Drugs (narcotics and dangerous drugs). In Indonesia, drugs have another name Drugs (Narcotics, Psychotropics and additives).

Actually, narcotics are a type of drug that doctors usually use to anesthetize patients when they are about to undergo surgery or drugs that are used to cure certain diseases, but some people use these drugs with bad intentions, giving rise to the effect that Drugs used for medical use become illegal drugs.

Drug Type Grouping

Types of drugs based on the effects they cause:


Drug users of this type have strong hallucinations when they see things/objects that don’t really exist/are not real. Examples of drugs that have this effect are cocaine and LSD.


That is a type of drug that has the effect of speeding up the work of the heart and brain more than usual. Drug users of this type will have extra energy. Another effect is that the user feels happier and happier for a while.


That is a type of drug that has a working system by depressing the central nervous system and reducing the body’s functional activities. Users of this type of drug will feel the effects of calm, fall asleep / faint. An example of a depressant is putaw.


This type of drug causes the user to have a passive nature, because the substance contained in drugs belonging to this type can sever the nerves of the brain. They will usually experience addiction. Users will usually always want and want to consume this type of drug again. For example: marijuana, heroin, putaw.
Someone who is already addicted to drugs, most likely his body will be damaged and in the end it will have an impact on death.


Narcotics are synthetic or semi-synthetic substances produced by plants or others which can have an impact on reducing or changing consciousness and eliminating pain. This substance can cause dependence on its users.

Use of Narcotics in Law

It is important to note, narcotics can only be used for the benefit of health services and/or the development of science and technology. In this regard, what is meant by “health services” includes medical rehabilitation services.

Whereas what is meant by the use of narcotics for “scientific and technological development” is the use of narcotics especially for the purposes of treatment and rehabilitation, including for the purposes of education, training, research and development as well as skills carried out by government agencies whose duties and functions are to supervise, investigate, investigate , and eradicating the illicit traffic of narcotics.

The use of narcotics for the purposes of education, training and skills includes for the benefit of training narcotics sniffer dogs of the Indonesian National Police, Customs and Excise and the National Narcotics Agency and other agencies.

However, it is important to know that there are exceptions. Narcotics class I are prohibited from being used for the benefit of health services. In limited quantities, narcotics class I can be used for the benefit of developing science and technology and for diagnostic reagents, as well as laboratory reagents after obtaining approval from the Minister on the recommendation of the Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, visit cloud9 cannabisme.

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