6 Tips for On-Ground Event Management

Scarlett Watson

On-Ground Event

Organizing an event is all about managing and planning because they are the first and foremost crucial aspects. Though planning can be done easily with fewer effort, managing the whole event can be a daunting task. During on-ground event management, organizers often struggle as there are multiple tasks and preparations to be managed. They are constantly looking for new ways to implement and streamline their workflow. With technology for event management, they have found the most effective solutions to ease the burden. And since they can be available in an array of ranges, it has made it more convenient for them to choose the best suitable one for their event.

In this blog, we will discuss the best tips that can help you to streamline your on-ground event management so that you can work more efficiently and host a successful event.

Start as Soon as Possible

An effective way to reduce the burden of event management is to start planning as early as you can if you are hosting a large event. Because smaller events take at least one month of planning that includes creating a microsite for events, venue sourcing, vendors, marketing, etc. So in order to streamline the event management process for on-ground events, you should start planning it way ahead of time. Because there can be a lot of changes with time as there are new trends, technologies to implement, and more. So, in order to keep the final run-up of your event flowing smoothly, ensure that everything is completed weeks before the event.

There Is Always Flexibility

The benefit of starting your on-ground event management and planning early is that it gives you all the flexibility to change and adjust according to your needs. There are a lot of aspects included when hosting an event, and it is not necessary that whatever you have decided will stay the same. For instance, you have chosen a particular software technology for event management and planning months ago, and now there are new trends in the same technology. It will give you time to consider using the new trends by analyzing their reports, so you need to ensure that you are flexible enough to meet the changing demands.

Assign the Responsibilities

In order to streamline your on-ground event management when you are planning the event, make sure that you have assigned the responsibilities to each of your team members. This should be done weeks before the event so that they can memorize their respective roles and responsibilities. For example, event registration should be specified to particular staff, for catering there should be a specific team of staff, transporting, outsourcing, etc. Make sure that they are solely responsible for what they have assigned for their own section. If there is any addition of the latest trends and technologies, train them before the event so that there is no kind of confusion.

Adapt New Technology

Adapting new technology for event management can be a great addition to streamlining and reducing the workflow of the event. The technology is rapidly changing and growing, so do throw research before choosing the best event management technology. There are certain aspects that are included while choosing them as there is an array of tech available. But make sure whatever you choose is compatible with cloud computing so that all your data and information are kept safe and secure.

Make or Select a Centralized Platform

There are a lot of moving parts during an event like event registration, logistics, ticketing, etc. And keeping track of each and every of these tasks can be very hectic and daunting, and it increases the chances of errors. In order to eliminate these errors and queries, select a centralized platform that acts as an information hub. This will help in keeping track of all the event activities as you and your staff can access each other’s progress. This will facilitate effective communication between everyone involved and reduce errors. For this to work efficiently, choose a cloud-based platform like mobile event apps. It is a one-stop solution for all needs and helps in keeping track of all the data by keeping it safe over the cloud.

Do a Run Through

After you have done everything, that includes your on-ground event management and planning. Make sure weeks before, once you have done everything, do a run-through of all the preparations and management process. Organize a meeting with your staff, team, stakeholders, sponsors, or other involved parties and go through everything. If there are any complications or miscommunications between the team, they can be resolved before the event to host successfully.


On-ground event management is a difficult task that causes many mistakes, errors, etc. It can be hectic and daunting since you need to do it before, during, and after the event. So that you can analyze and implement the improvement for the next event, and also calculate the ROI of the event. In order to streamline and enhance the process, you can leverage the above-mentioned tips. And most importantly, don’t forget to include or adapt the latest technology for event management, which can work efficiently for your event.

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