Dubai is Rooting for a Tech-Savvy Tomorrow with X-Ray Technology and AI Redefining Construction!

David Malan

Dubai is Rooting for a Tech-Savvy Tomorrow with X-Ray Technology and AI Redefining Construction!

The world is now fascinated with the AI charm and technologies like digital assistants, and ChatGpt is excelling at catering to its customers. Indeed, AI is marking every industry with its life-changing impact, and construction is a sector that is squeezing exceptional benefits.

Not only efficiency but also AI in construction ensures enhanced quality, accelerated performance, and seamless onsite safety.

While every country or region is working towards the development of a better tomorrow, Dubai is no exception and is empowering city construction via tech and iOS app development.

Notably, Dubai Municipality is emphasizing x-ray robots and artificial technology to conduct automated chemical analyses and tests on a variety of cement and construction materials.

The testing services are directly linked to intelligent apps on customers’ mobile phones, tablets, etc., via which they are immediately informed about the inspection reports.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Therefore, if you have a strong hold over the construction industry, we have fabricated an article defining the importance of AI and X-ray robots. Begin reading to learn more!

Transforming Dubai: Municipality’s Cutting-Edge Construction Technology

Notably, the technique is not too old and is weaved to enhance the quality of the Municipality’s construction testing services in check with international standards. 

The process demands x-ray robots to carefully perform the quality analysis of the materials, which helps monitor if the material meets the construction standard requirements. 

Surprisingly, the tests that took about four days to perform can now be executed in 8 minutes, along with an expansion in the ratio of samples. 

It is significant to mention that businesses invest over $10 trillion per year in the construction industry, and the number will continue to rise with the growing tech integration. 

Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Construction 

AI in construction is like icing on the cake, and its benefits are tremendous. Therefore, if you’re wondering about the best use cases of AI tech in the industry, we have narrowed down a list of the best illustrations. However, if you’re looking forward to acquiring expert advice, now is your shot at connecting with a top-notch iPhone app development company.

Take a look at the highlighted cases:

1. Elimination of Cost Overruns

There might be cases when projects may go overboard in terms of budget despite the allocation of the best project teams. Therefore, Artificial Neural Networks can be incorporated with these projects to estimate cost on the basis of factors, including contract type, project size, and more.

2. Improved Building Designs and Models

Building Information Modeling is a procedure of fabricating 3D models that guides the architectures, engineers, and construction professionals to plan and design the infrastructure efficiently. Furthermore, working with 3D models requires insights into architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc., plans, and the activities that will take place. 

It also has to be ensured that active models from the sub-team do not clash, which is why Machine Learning is utilized to identify and alleviate these clashes. 

3. Diminished Risk

Indeed, every construction project involves a number of risks, like safety, loss of time and cost, material quality, and whatnot! Therefore, AI and ML solutions are used by contractors to monitor and resolve any gaps. Additionally, AI categorizes the risks based on its resolution priority for the teams to work on issues that require immediate solutions quickly. 

4. Project Planning

One of the best examples is an organization that launched in 2017 and claimed that its AI tech and robots can efficiently resolve over-budget construction projects. Notably, the company utilizes robots to capture the 3D scans of the construction sites and allows deep neural networks to classify the levels of varied sub-projects. In case the project is not working as planned, the management team can take over to resolve the issues quickly before they become massive roadblocks. 

5. Safety of Construction Sites

Notably, the risk of life to construction site workers is higher than labor in any other industry. Therefore, a Boston-based construction company introduced algorithms that can monitor job sites to identify information on safety hazards, such as workers not wearing gloves or headgear while working. 

6. Addressing Labor Shortage

One of the biggest reasons behind the investment in AI and data science is the labor shortage and the boost in productivity. Thus, construction projects are now amalgamating the use of AI and ML to plan the distribution of labor and machinery usage.

Summing Up The Future of AI in Construction 

No wonder robotics and AI are all set to be innovative in the construction industry, leading to a cut in cost by 20%. Artificial Intelligence is efficiently being used in routing plumbing and electrical systems to build safer buildings.

So, are you intrigued to acquire a competitive edge in the construction industry by incorporating technologies like AI and ML?

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Get, set, go!

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