Custom shape stickers and labels


Custom shape stickers and labels are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. If someone needs more then a printed label is the best option for this.

Custom Shape Stickers are usually used for brand goods and packaging slips etc.Labels are usually used for products, decoration and different types of packaging.Distinct and attractive labels increase the possibility of selling your product.Effective labels are necessary to persuade customers to buy your product.Custom shape stickers are also used in logo, slogans to social media.Custom shape stickers and labels are available in square, rectangle, circle, oval, arch and in other shapes.Custom stickers in square shape is easy to cut  and cost-effective than others.

Custom shaped:

It is specially designed to make it different from others. Custom shape stickers are made with special die-cut tools so that you can get the stickers of your desired shape. Dura printings made the custom stickers of every possible shape and size so that the customers get the stickers that they want. We assure you to give you the high quality custom shaped stickers at the reasonable prices.

Sticker or label:

Sticker or label are two different terms. Stickers are usually used to promote business while labels are usually used for production. Stickers are made up of thick vinyl while labels are made up of thin BOPP film. Stickers and labels are both self adhesive. Labels are used to recognize products. They gives complete information about the product. Labels are generally available in two forms which include rolls and sheets. Roll labels are usually used for big projects while sheet labels are usually used for smaller jobs. Stickers are perfect to increase awareness of your brand. It can easily promote your brand inexpensively.

Cut label:

Cut label is a process of removing tags from different objects and clothes.The main purpose of cut label is to give the buyers a sense of waste, so that these objects and clothes will not be sold at full prices. Many clothing designers and shop holders use cut labels. So, that they should not be resold.

Custom stickers:

Custom stickers are specially made according to your business. Custom stickers are available in various shapes and sizes. Using custom stickers, a business can easily achieve its goals. Custom stickers are very beneficial for businesses.

They save your money and your time. It gives your product attractive and branded appearance. Custom stickers are affordable. Custom Foil Stickers are used for promoting your brand and advertising your products at very low cost. They are very effective and versatile.

Custom stickers give outstanding outcomes. Custom stickers are affordable and they can last more. Custom stickers are self adhesive paper. You can choose different materials, shapes and sizes of custom stickers which you want. A custom sticker is made up of five layers. It include ink, adhesive, media, backing paper and laminate. Laminate layer is optional. It can be add if you want more protection.

Stickers cheap:

Stickers cheap doesn’t mean cheap in quality. They are cheap in prices without any change in the quality of stickers. They are available in various shapes, sizes and materials. They have different features. They promote your brand easily. They are cost-effective. They are also used for many other purpose. They are used to give message of your brand or products. They are best way to increase awareness of your brand inexpensively. It can easily save your money.

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