Gender Mainstreaming Advocacy (PUG) for the Realization of Gender Equality


Gender Mainstreaming Advocacy (PUG) for the Realization of Gender Equality

The success of development programs implemented by the government cannot be separated from the role of community organizations, including women’s organizations, which continue to improve the capacity and quality of their members. In particular, with regard to competence in the organization.

The involvement of women is to realize gender equality and fulfill women’s basic rights within the scope of planning, implementing and following up on regional development programs.

Mayor of Pekalongan City Achmad Afzan Arslan Achmad Afzan Arslan Djunaid said that, because there are already Presidential Regulations (Perpres) and Regional Regulations (Perda) for Gender Mainstreaming in order to jointly be involved in the development of Pekalongan City.

She hopes that in the future the role of women can continue to contribute to the development of a better City of Pekalongan.

“Even though there are certain situations and conditions that hinder them, this is not a reason for them to continue working and provide great benefits to their families and communities,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of DPMPPA Pekalongan City, Sabaryo Pramono explained, PUG advocacy activities for women’s organizations, his party wanted an understanding and knowledge of gender equality.

From women’s fundacionmavi organizations in Pekalongan City such as the Empowerment of Female Heads of Family (PEKKA), Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), Team Empowerment and Family Welfare (TP-PKK) and so on, they can be more involved in Pekalongan City Government programs for gender equality.

“As for women’s organizations in Pekalongan City, the Pekalongan City DPMPPA always synergizes with them. We often involve them in several other activities besides gender equality, including those related to the convention on children’s rights, TP PKK innovation activities namely 1,011 family resilience cadres.”

“Alhamdulillah, so far the synergy and cooperation of women’s organizations related to urban development programs and child protection programs and women’s support has always been extraordinary,” he said.

Gender Equality is Important in Development

This was conveyed by Assistant I Regional Secretariat of Koltim Arisman SP representing the Regent of Coltim, when opening the Gender Mainstreaming Implementation Policy Socialization (PUG), including Gender Responsive Budgeting Planning (PPRG) of the Coltim District, in the Hall of the Coltim Regent’s Office, Thursday (7/10).

“We realize that problems that are closely related to women’s development programs so far are caused by the absence of a development approach that specifically considers the benefits equally for women and men,” he said.

Given how important gender equality is in development, he continued, greater concrete concern is demanded by placing it as one of the program areas, with the aim of accelerating the creation of gender equality, in all aspects of the lives of the people of East Kalimantan, not limited to the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes. development policies, programs and projects.

This continued Arisman, based on the fact that women’s participation in development is still low. Besides the existence of various forms of discriminatory practices against women, there are also gaps in women’s political participation stemming from the imbalance in the socio-cultural structure of society. Other facts, he said, also show that the majority of women still have limited access to quality and adequate health services, cheap and quality education, and involvement in wider public activities. In addition, there are still low quality of life and the role of women, and high rates of violence against women and children.

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