Famous & Must Try Belgian Typical Food


Famous & Must Try Belgian Typical Food

Those of you who are connoisseurs of typical food, of course, must know about the famous Belgian specialties and must try, even now they are easy to find. With this modern era, the spread of culture related to typical food is getting easier.

Almost every country has its own special food. The further your journey explores, the more typical foods you can try. For example, with this typical food that comes from Belgium.

Of the several foods that are typical of Belgium, it might look quite familiar when seen from the shape alone. However, if you look at the recipe and the taste, of course there is a difference, so that the taste cannot be forgotten.

Moules Friet

Moules friet is one of the must-try Belgian culinary specialties made from shellfish. In contrast to shellfish in general, this shell has much more meat in it.

Actually, these shells can only be found in France, but for the presentation itself, they are in Belgium. Usually the presentation of Moselen Friet shells uses white wine or beer which is composed into one meal.

While this food is often served with fried potatoes, where the fried potatoes are usually eaten by dipping them with the rest of the shells. If you vacation in Belgium, never miss this food dish.

Belgian Fries

Maybe most of the readers have had or often have fried french fries while hanging out with the people closest to them. Yes, it turns out that Belgian itself has a similar food, namely Belgian Fries. This food is actually quite different from some french fries in general. The difference itself lies in the food ingredients and the way the frying is done.

The frying of these french fries is done through two stages, so that it can give a very crunchy taste than usual. After enjoying them, you can definitely say that Belgian fries are the best.

Shrimp Croquettes

The next famous Belgian specialty is Shrimp Croquettes, where this food has actually spread in various regions. However, you can only find the original taste in that country.

You should know that these money croquettes are one of the several belle foods from Belgium. Tourists who happen to be on vacation in Belgium can usually find this type of typical food in the Les Petits Oignons area.

For the texture of the food itself, you will enjoy the crunch on the outside, after biting it, then you have something that melts. The combination of these two things will provide a delicious taste that will not be forgotten.


Of course, the next list of typical foods is Stoemp. This food is also known in various countries and provides a distinctive taste and of course very delicious to be enjoyed.

Indeed, most of the Belgian people themselves make potatoes as the main food of their people. So most of the food from Belgium is made from these ingredients, even though the types of food served are different.

This food itself is made by mashing potatoes and other ingredients such as carrots, kale, and other ingredients. While the food is often served with sausages and as a side dish for the local community.


For those of you who like to enjoy snacks typical of other countries, then you can try Speculas. This unique food can be said to be very suitable to be combined with coffee drinks when you are relaxing.

Its shape is like cookies, but inside it has its own taste, thus providing a perfect culinary experience. The size is thin, so that makes this snack feel more crunchy than the usual cookies.

Especially with the addition of caramel in it makes this food appear sweet taste. When you are on holiday in Belgium, you can try visiting Maison Dandoy or you may also need to go to La Confiance while relaxing.

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