Indian Restaurant in Jakarta Offers Rich Taste of Spices


Indian Restaurant in Jakarta Offers Rich Taste of Spices

Every country certainly has its own unique culinary delights. When talking about typical Indian food, of course it is not far from the delicious aroma and delicious taste. Indian cuisine is very well known, one of which is because of the many spices and seasonings used. When you want to try the delicious culinary delights of India, you don’t have to go far to visit the original country. Several places in Indonesia offer many Indian restaurants, one of which is in Jakarta. Visit the taste of india grill

1. Queen’s of India

One of the Indian restaurants in Jakarta with delicious cuisine is Queen’s of India. This restaurant is located at Jalan Danau Permai Raya, Sunter, Jakarta. Not only providing food with a taste that suits the tongue of Indians, Queen’s of India also offers a variety of menus that can spoil your tongue who tries it.

Various menus are offered, including Nasi Siram Mock Duck Veg, Paneer Sizzler, Dum Matka Biryani Veg, Naan, and many more. One of the favorite menus that you can try at Queen’s of India is Butter Chicken. The delicious taste and appetizing aroma make this one menu not to be missed.

2. Hazaras

Hazara is the name of an Indian restaurant located at Jalan Dr. Kusuma Atmana No. 85, Menteng, Jakarta. When you are in Menteng and want to try delicious Indian specialties, this restaurant can be the right choice. The mainstay menu at Hazara is Kasmiri Pullao Rice which is cooked together with nuts and dried fruits. Paneer Tikka is one of the highly recommended menus for you vegetarians. One of the Indian restaurants in Jakarta that offers delicious cuisine and must be tried.

3. Kindara

Apart from Hazara, Kinara is also a suggestion for an Indian restaurant in Jakarta that offers no less delicious cuisine. For those of you who live in Kemang, of course you are already familiar with this Indian restaurant. Kinara’s address is at Jalan Kemang Raya number 78 B, 1st Floor, Kemang, Jakarta. In this restaurant, visitors will be spoiled with an aesthetically pleasing room design with a thick Indian atmosphere.

A variety of Indian specialties along with delicious flavors and appetizing aromas will welcome your presence. Murgh Biryani Spicy Chicken is one of the menus that you can try. Biryani rice is provided with a texture that is not too soft and tastes good. Chicken pieces that are quite large also make this one menu a shame not to try.

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