Tips to Prevent House Fires at Home


House fires are a major cause putting the safety of homes at a serious risk. While these devastating events can result in damage to property and risk the lives of the inmates, every home must take necessary precautions to prevent house fires at any cost. Electrical hazards are found to be the major cause of house fires. Some proactive measures can help minimize the risk of electrical fires at homes. Here are a few essential tips to prevent house fires due to electrical issues.

Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are crucial to detect fires during early thereby providing valuable time to take safety measures. Installing smoke alarms at different parts of the home can help detect fires as soon as they break out. Smoke alarms must be tested regularly and their batteries must be replaced annually or as required. In key locations, install fire extinguishers like the kitchen and garage. Also, train all the family members on how to operate them in the event of emergency. 

Never overload circuits

Overloading circuits is a major cause of electrical fires. Electrical load must be distributed evenly across the circuits. Never plug in multiple high-wattage equipment in a single extension cord or power outlet. Home surge protector with inbuilt circuit breakers can prevent electrical overloads. If circuits break frequently, it can be a sign of overload, which you must get inspected by 24 hour electrical services Sydney and fixed before it creates real troubles.

Conduct regular electrical inspections

Electrical inspections at regular intervals can identify if there are any potential hazards to house fires. A certified local electrician can help you with this. They will check the condition of the switches, wiring, outlets, and electrical panels to make sure that they are free from any damages. Identifying and fixing the issues in the home electrical system is a sure way to prevent them from escalating into serious problems. 

Replace damaged power outlets and wiring

Frayed or damaged electrical wiring can lead to electrical fires. Get the wiring inspected by qualified local electricians and identify any signs of exposed wires, cracked insulation, wear and loose outlets. Get them replaced by professional electrician. 

Use extension cords carefully

While extension cords can be very helpful to create temporary power outlets for some exclusive needs, they can’t be treated as permanent solution. Always bear in mind that extension cords are not an alternative to proper outlets and wiring. While using extension cords make sure the one you choose is rated for the said purpose. Never run them under rugs or carpets so that they might lead to fire risks.

Practice electrical safety with family members

It is necessary that every family members knows the basics of electrical safety. Especially children must be trained with this topic so that they do not end up causing any problems to the electrical system at home. Tell the children that it is never right to play with appliances, cords, or electrical outlets. Educate the family that it is important to report any signs of electrical issues like burning smells and sparks.

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