How to communicate with Asiana from Australia?


Passengers who wish to communicate with Asiana Airlines from Australia by telephone can dial the Asiana Airlines contact number Australia: +1-802-341-3454 or +61-2-9260-4300. It is very easy to call the airline, and then follow the instructions below.

  • Dial the Asiana Airlines contact number Australia at +1-802-341-3454 or +61-2-9260-4300.
  • An automated IVR step will enter the call.
  • Follow the voice instructions of the call and select the language you prefer.
  • Next, choose the correct key that will make your call reach the Asiana representative live.
  • Press 5 to speak to an agent live about your inquiry.
  • The agent will ask you some questions and then provide you with the solution on the questions.

How to contact Asiana Airlines from Australia?

Calling is the correct way when a person needs to contact Asiana Airlines from Australia phone reservations. However, there are more ways available offered by the airline that make it possible to connect with the airline without any hassle.

Asiana Live Chat

A person can chat with an Asiana Airlines customer service representative using the chat option. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Asiana’s main page.
  • Select the Contact tab.
  • Click on the Live Chat option.
  • Start a conversation through the chat.
  • Solve your doubts with a live person.

Asiana Mail

A person can also send an email and contact Asiana Airlines from Australia. The official email address of the airlines is [email protected]. Compose an email in which you can describe your problems along with your phone number.

Asiana social networks

The social managers of the Asiana Airlines are also available on the official website, in the contact section. There are several social media platforms where Asiana can be found, including Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, you must follow the airline, and then you will find the comment box in the lower section. Write your questions in the box and send them.

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