Houston Web designer VS graphic designer; Which one should you Hire for your company?


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Are you looking for a designer but aren’t sure whether you should work with a Houston website designer or a graphic designer? Although both of these positions can be comparable, there are several important distinctions that every manager who hires should be aware of. There is some main difference that will help which one should prefer/suitable and hire for your company.


Most importantly, graphic artists convey stories. Utilizing a variety of creative applications and techniques, they operate at the interface of art and technology to produce visually arresting material. 

Compared to the Houston website designer, the graphic designer’s aim is to engage, fascinate, inform, or encourage activity in their target demographic using media that is either digital or print in a style that is artistically beautiful and graphically consistent with their content.

  • Designers who work with graphics do not enjoy unrestricted creative freedom despite their extensive design experience and specialized skill set. 
  • They must collect data from clients, customers, or other stakeholders in order to create designs that satisfy their needs and requirements. 
  • Studying design briefs, using InDesign, Illustrator, or other design tools, modifying graphics in response to stakeholder comments, and taking direction from creative or art directors are just a few of their regular duties.
  • A range of media can be designed by these creative experts. They work on things like logos, which means e-cards, event announcements, posters, advertisements on billboards, promotional materials for products, covers for books, website visualizations, commercials, catalogs, syntax, marketing in general materials, and so forth.

Web designer:

You guessed it, a web designer makes website designs. They are in charge of the layout, structure, navigation, interactive elements, and other web-based components that make up the visual look of a website, webpage, or mobile application.

Main objective of Houston website designer is to work with web developers to produce a user experience that is appealing, amiable, and smooth. Because of this, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles are crucial for web designers to understand.

The typical day of a  Houston web designer might be spent doing the:

  • discussing project details, deadlines, and feedback with stakeholders
  • Making prototypes for design mockups, wireframes, and other elements
  • organizing the color palettes and typography of a website
  • carrying out usability tests

Where do Houston website designer and graphic designer work:

Web designer Graphic designer 
Houston Web designers have a similar range of employment opportunities to graphic designers.
Employers of Houston website designers frequently include:IT consulting firmsDesign firms Software providerscorporate organizationsOr they could work on their own!
Nearly everywhere can hire a graphic designer! They can either work regular full-time employment or freelance from home, or they can do both. 
Companies of graphic designers frequently include:
Advertising and marketing companies as well as design studiosBusiness enterprises and brandsNonprofit institutionsAdditionally, everywhere that needs talented designers to express a narrative through imagery

Main focus and medium of work

Houston Web designers don’t work on any physical media, therefore while there is a visual component to their work, they are primarily focused on the structure and functionality of a webpage. Instead, web developers and designers concentrate on creating websites that are well-suited to the online world.Although they might additionally collaborate on online assignments like email marketing, online advertisements, and social networking graphics, graphic designers often create content for print-based media. They concentrate on selecting images that are aesthetically pleasing, successfully convey a message, and support a brand’s identity.

Their education and skill set: 

Houston website designers frequently hold degrees in computer science, web design, or web development, whereas graphic designers are more likely to hold degrees in the arts.For positions in online and graphic design, skills-based hiring is frequently used instead of degree-based hiring. A formal degree is still always advantageous. 
There is some overlap between the two roles’ competencies. However, the set of abilities of a Houston Web designer tends to be more technical in nature. Houston Web designers typically possess an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising, front-end programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as a knowledge of content management systems (CMS), fundamental design concepts, and composition and typography.The skill set of a graphic designer is more artistic than technical. InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as general design concepts, fundamental artistic abilities, marketing and brand development, managing one’s portfolio, the use of photography, and typeface are all skills that these creatives typically possess.

Final words:

In today’s website development, we need both Houston web designers and graphic designers equally. Both have different expertise and skill sets but due to the new technology, the trend of hiring Houston web designers is increasing more than hiring graphic designers. 

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