Everything You Wanted to Know About WE Knife Company’s LTK Rezult


Lee of LTK Knives, known to insiders as LuvThemKnives, recently pioneered a collaboration with WE Knife Company to bring you the all-new LTK Rezult.

Here’s just about everything you need to know about it.

LTK Rezult: Specifications

If you’re interested in getting more familiar with the WE Knife Company LTK Rezult, you can check it out at White Mountain Knives via the previous link.

Here are some quick specs: it is 8” overall with a 3.5” blade (.16” thickness) with a drop-point profile and a fuller.

It features titanium handle scales with G10 inlays (red or green), as well as a titanium pocket clip, a flipper mechanism and a button lock.

Blade Style, Steel, and Hardness

The WE Knife Company LTK Rezult features a 3.5” blade of CPM-20CV; it’s a drop point with a stonewash finish, a fuller, and comes with an HRC rating of 59-61.

If you’re not familiar with it, 20CV has remarkably high concentrations of both vanadium and chromium, at 4% and 20%, respectively.

The high vanadium forms carbides in the alloy, which are very evenly distributed thanks to the fact that this is a powder-metallurgy steel.

This gives the steel excellent hardness and edge retention characteristics. Vanadium also works hard to give this steel amazing toughness and durability characteristics as well.

A small amount of both molybdenum and tungsten also bolster the vanadium in conferring wear-resistance and general toughness to this alloy.

All that chromium is there for a good reason, too; this is one of the most corrosion-resistant high-vanadium stainless super steels in the industry.

But don’t worry about it being too soft; with all that vanadium, plus 1.9% carbon, it’s an exceptional alloy with superior wear-resistance.

Handle Material

The LTK Rezult features titanium handle scales and hardware with G10 inlays; both red and green are available from White Mountain Knives.

The titanium scales lighten the weight and improve corrosion resistance without compromising on strength.

As for the inlays, they are a matter of personal taste. You might like them or not, but they do add a little muted color to the design of the knife while adding a bit of grip too.

Deployment and Lock Type

The LTK Rezult features a prominent fuller that some might be able to use as a sort of thumb hole, but most comment that it’s too hard; for most of us, the flipper mechanism is the key to deployment.

Most users have commented that the action is very smooth and quite snappy. It also features a button lock, which is very fidget friendly, very strong, and which is safe due to the innate design characteristic that keeps your finger out of the way of the blade when closing the knife.

For carry, the LTK Rezult features a deep-carry titanium pocket clip with a skeletonized design.

Where Can You Get the WE Knife Company LTK Rezult?

Interested in learning more about the LTK Rezult or other knives produced by WE Knife Company?

Don’t let the fact that they’re made in China turn you off. These Chinese production knives offer high-quality fit and finish and affordable pricing, rare in today’s world.

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