Vastu Compliant Flats In A Luxurious Residential Complex in Sonari Jamshedpur


Who doesn’t want to indulge in luxuries right at the place they can call home? 

How would it feel to have all the gorgeousness and sophistication usually experienced in a 5 star hotel at your very home? 

Akash Nirvana residential complex in Sonari Jamshedpur is planned, designed and crafted to offer a lavish contemporary lifestyle, marked with extravagant arrangements. 


Rooftop clubhouse including a swimming pool with gorgeous sitting arrangements and a well-equipped modern gymnasium can add stars to any evening spent here. 

More than just enough parking space sidelines the possibilities of your visitors getting annoyed while parking their vehicles. Not many residential complexes can claim to have adequate parking space. 

The entire property is planned carefully to offer the freedom of space as much as possible. 

Beautifully landscape garden and the plantation of natural greenery throughout the gated community helps adding a natural serene touch to this luxurious concrete paradise.

Vastu Compliant Residences 

Vastu compliant Akash Nirvana 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in Sonari Jamshedpur are grabbing attention for all the right reasons. 

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture that has been in practice in the Indian architectural system since ages. It covers the principles telling how ground preparation, measurement, setting the direction and other vital aspects of construction and building should be. 

It allows the flow of positive energy, shielding the negative one from destroying the peacefulness and prosperity of the people staying in the property. 

It is also believed that dwelling places that are constructed according to the principle of Vastu Shastra are protected from evil spirits and as such other dark elements. 

Rest Assured that..

Akash Nirvana premium luxury flats in Sonari Jamshedpur are fully constructed following the ancient Vastu Shastra principles. The age old Indian architectural systems are prominent across the property. Also, the modern lifestyle amenities and building amenities ensure that the lifestyle of residence here is attuned to the global standards of living.

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