Nikhil Arun-Confroting the Despairing Circumstances of COVID-19 Through His Result-Driven Innovations


ho can forget the misery and hopelessness during COVID-19? The chaos and sorrow caused by the pandemic are unforgettable. The world was neither ready nor equipped to deal with this disaster. The rapid spread of the infection was alarming; millions of susceptible people got infected and lost their lives. The healthcare sector was on the cutting edge producing fast, high-quality treatment services amid unprecedented challenges.

The uncertainty factor amplified the existing tumultuous situation. People were concerned and vulnerable whether they were infected or not. Especially those living in remote areas faced inequalities in the distribution of facilities and services. Many of them could not even get tested, which caused the fast propagation of the virus. To control the turmoil and horrific circumstances of COVID-19, the VP of Product and Customer at 1health, Nikhil Arun, came up with four notable and practical innovations.

At-Home Saliva Test

Kiwi scientist's Covid-19 saliva test given go-ahead by FDA in the US | COVID-19, countless people couldn’t get access to professional healthcare amenities. Arun and his team developed the world’s first At-Home Saliva Test to deal with this mayhem in collaboration with Rutgers University Labs. The testing kit was designed to keep underserved populations in mind. This is a self-checked, self-diagnosed, and painless testing procedure.

The At-home saliva testing kit is portable, lightweight, and easy to use. The individual does not need any healthcare professional for assistance. Moreover, no special training is required to conduct the test. It was a win-win situation for Arun and people who lacked the backing and support of prominent healthcare organizations and officials. This act did minimize the risk of infection in rural and remote areas. At-home saliva tests played an important role in the US testing strategy as people could accurately self-collect a sample in areas far from hospitals.

Testing as a Service

The COVID-19 virus was contagious and spread rapidly around the globe. So, it was a huge challenge for hospitals and healthcare administrators to examine every person precipitously. The medical care sector needed a platform to ease the burden. In such circumstances, Arun proposed another innovative idea; Testing as a Service. This initiative enabled companies and organizations to deploy a COVID-19 test on their websites under their brands. They could arrange testing programs for their employees, staff, and clients.

So, what precisely did this initiative do? It permitted organizations on a larger scale to test their people without waiting for hospitals and doctors. This helped to promptly identify the infected people and refrain them from mingling in the community, eventually decreasing the probability of the virus dispersion. Testing as a Service became a momentous success and was viewed as the pioneering tool in the COVID-19 inspection service.

Vaccine Management for The Underserved

COVID-19 Story Tip: Steroid Drug Hailed as Effective COVID-19 Treatment but  Questions Linger About Its Use for Black PatientsThe world stood tall and together to fight against the adverse situation of COVID-19. World Bank alone granted $12 billion to underprivileged and deprived communities; still, many couldn’t access the vaccines. Why? The reason is an uneven distribution of the vaccine. Arun came forward with his innovation for Vaccine management for the underserved. He developed a tool to track the management protocols for the fair and uniform distribution of vaccines to poor and deserving people.

This innovation was a massive development in the vaccination distribution process. The tracking technique enabled authorities and healthcare organizations to pinpoint the needy and vulnerable people without the hustle and confusion. Ultimately, Arun’s innovative idea simplified the vaccine distribution process.

Newcastle County Executive Matt Meyer stated about the vaccine management service:

“One of our most sacred public responsibilities in a pandemic is to protect the most vulnerable. 1health has enabled us to do that with excellence.”

Arun encapsulated his gratefulness for the success of Vaccine Management for the underserved by saying:

 “We’re committed to providing innovative solutions that solve real-world problems and improve healthcare outcomes.”

Tracking Outbreaks

Arun’s team developed a product to trace COVID-19 outbreaks and compliance. Massive American companies, schools, counties, and military branches used the product, including Mcdonalds’, General Motors, and US Air Force. The product allowed companies to track covid outbreaks with optimum safety protocols. The products were particularly vital for businesses operating in industries with high customer or employee collaboration levels, such as the food and beverage and transportation industries.

All four innovations became integral to neutralizing the effects of COVID-19 and the chaos that the virus brought to society. Arun expressed his gratitude for the company’s commitment towards innovation and its impact on global healthcare by saying:

“At 1health, we’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare. We’re excited to be a part of this rapidly evolving field and to be making a difference in people’s lives.”

About Nikhil Arun

Nikhil Arun is the VP of Products at 1health. Arun is also the founder of In-Video Impressions. He is a former Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, where he was appointed to lead the development of the advertising portal home page and billing system. He is keenly interested in dancing and has been a hip-hop dancer in China, and the U.S. Arun holds two distinguished degrees from Duke University; a BS in Computer Science and an MBA.

Arun also positioned 1health to help with health efforts after the pandemic waned. With his intelligent and result-driven initiatives, Nikhil Arun has helped 1health conduct four million tests across 30 labs with over 300 partners, including some of the top ten most prominent hospitals, companies, and fast-food chains in the US He also organized digital ordering of advanced clinical genetic tests for cancer and PGx for many hospitals and clinics. Arun and his team have been selected as a quarterfinalist for the Best-in-Class Clinical Diagnostic Platform award at the UCSF Digital Health Awards to honor their efforts.

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