Key Features for Effective CRM Integration

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There are many success factors behind modernized communication solutions and one such powerful feature is VOIP integration with CRM. To get the complete details read our interesting article about the concepts of integration.

CRM Program is customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables companies to manage their client contacts.

CRM platforms fundamentally assist you in organizing and planning all your customer-related tasks that offer several advantages, including helping you manage your sales and marketing efforts, stay organized, keep an eye on your client’s demands, and many more. These platforms are implemented successfully majorly in businesses where customer interactions play a major role in its productivity.

CRM VoIP Integration

  • By enabling better information and communication between customers and enterprises, VoIP CRM integration combines the benefits of VoIP and CRM software.
  • Combining a VoIP business phone system and a CRM account gives businesses access to client data in both locations, improving sales, customer retention, and brand perception. In short, by using this kind of link, you may leverage the data in the CRM system for outbound marketing and communications, follow-up tasks, and assessing the success of your initiatives.
  • The integration provides a practical way to update businesses’ CRM databases with sales leads produced by company phone systems, regardless of the size of the organization, whether it is a tiny operation with one location or a major corporation with numerous branches across the country. Without having to manually enter information into several systems or switch back and forth between them, it is feasible to manage client interactions in real-time.
  • Keep track of each interaction and detail with clients using this integration software.
  • It is a type of application that automatically syncs data between several programs used to interact with customers over the phone.
  • VoIP, also known as voice over internet protocol, is a way of sending calls over the internet in the form of digital packets whereas CRM, customer relationship management is the database related to the entire information of the customers saved automatically that is integrated with the modern phone systems.
  • Agents save more than half of their time since they no longer need to manually enter customer information into the CRM after a call has ended because the phone system and CRM software sync all the necessary information.
  • The process of synchronizing many tools with your phone system where repetitive manual activities are eliminated by the third-party business solutions integrated with a business phone system is called VOIP integration. Being able to use a VoIP phone system on a laptop, desktop, mobile device, and even a landline is a big benefit, and an internet connection is all that is required.
  • It fosters a collaborative work atmosphere that enables everyone to make decisions more quickly and thoroughly as it allows access to authorized users only.
  • Using automation SMS has a higher conversion rate than other features compared to the standard SMS capability, as businesses may utilize several unique features by integrating your VoIP phone system with CRM.
  • Managers may monitor KPIs and track data like call time, call volume, call hang-ups, etc. 
  • Easily manage reports, track real-time call data, and swiftly monitor call analytics in a single software so that you can both see what is happening right now and look at historical data.

CRM Integration Benefits

Integration of VoIP CRM simplifies the entire sales process

Because agents have their data right in front of them, responding to client inquiries is also made simpler, and with VoIP CRM connection, you may create unique workflows that meet your use case.

Organized Data collection 

It is beneficial to have an organized record of every piece of information from the beginning to the conclusion as it helps sales representatives can better adapt their pitch by having thorough information about prospects. Also, VoIP phone systems let your staff members better organize their daily tasks resulting in fewer useless hours and higher corporate productivity.

Helps Support personnel

Between your phone system and CRM software, the integration effortlessly syncs all the crucial data that support staff in knowing each client’s case history.

A contact center representative often behaves as follows:

  • uses the customer’s name and number to place a call.
  • feeds the CRM with the call info.
  • maps the requests and complaints of the customer.

Automatically saved

Without examining a different directory, it helps the call centers to follow up on the call because the data is automatically entered into the CRM program.

Lowers costs:

The integration of VoIP and CRM dramatically lowers your operational costs as the business doesn’t require purchasing the two pieces of software separately.

You can avoid making any additional software purchases altogether if you choose a VoIP phone system that includes native CRM connectors.

Directly Call from the CRM

Integration of VoIP CRM improves functionality while removing extraneous manual stages from the process as it can be used to place calls using VoIP integration.

The wait time between looking for contact information and placing or answering calls is the most difficult aspect of an agent’s job and by closing this time-consuming gap, agents will have more time at their disposal to place more calls.

Agents are more productive during working hours because they can reach more prospects with the help of click-to-call assigned to each contact in the CRM database.

Simplifies the activities 

The integration of VoIP CRM simplifies for agents all post-call procedures and formalities as the agents enter the information from a call with a customer into the CRM once it has ended.

The VoIP phone interface with the CRM automates the call recording for you rather than having to do it manually and the CRM receives information from the phone system automatically.

Other VoIP phone features like call recording and call notes are also useful because agents have the option to record discussions and take notes during the call and also instantly save these facts in the CRM.

codes for call disposition

Call disposition codes for follow-up calls immediately start a sequence of follow-up calls, emails, texts, or any other actions to help in increasing the productivity of your business in a short period.

Make use of automation and SMS

SMS is an additional feature that you can benefit from as it allows a higher conversion rate to be made possible through SMS, by integrating your VoIP phone system with CRM, and making use of numerous additional features in addition to the standard SMS capability.

SMS automation: With the help of SMS automation, you may send SMS messages to your contacts whenever a specific circumstance occurs which will enable you to automate the sending of texts as part of drip and follow-up campaigns.

Bulk SMS is a highly useful feature of VoIP connection with CRM if you want to access SMS marketing that helps to communicate with many contacts via promotional and marketing communications.

Strengthen Customer Relations

Businesses may build more solid ties with customers when there is smooth customer contact which makes it easier for your company to keep its regular clients. Regular encounters that are tailored to your customers’ wants, requirements, and expectations can also help you raise retention, increase customer lifetime value, and even turn those customers into brand promoters.

Pay attention to significant call analytics

Also, you can have access to crucial call metrics with a strong CRM VoIP integration as your business can examine all the KPIs and stats related to your outgoing and incoming calls here. Metrics including the number of calls made and received, the duration of each call, and other data can be tracked.

Increase Team Productivity

Moving between platforms when engaging with clients initially to gather data uses up valuable time and bandwidth. No caller likes to wait for representatives to locate the required files or repeat what they have already said but by integrating these technologies customer support personnel no longer need to switch between several programs and gadgets as they answer a customer contact, they have fast access to all the pertinent information in one location as a result, the consumer won’t have to wait long to catch up thus increases the interest of your clients that in turn increases the business productivity.

Use your favorite device: 

Regardless of the device you use, telephony integration with CRM automatically logs all voice calls, including incoming and outgoing. The whole call transcript, including call notes and voicemails, is then retrievable.

During or after the customer call, you are no longer required to waste time on data entry and the sales representatives can instead use those crucial hours to communicate with consumers undisturbed.

Business expansions are easy:

It’s time to implement VoIP integration into your current workflow now that you know how it can benefit your company as CRM integrations make your staff’s jobs easier and improve the customer experience. Use software to handle the tedious contact management responsibilities, and your employees will be better able to manage your company’s sales and operations thereby helping in managing the existing customers and adding more customers even when you are having plans to expand business anywhere.

Top CRM tools have the following key features:

Managing Contacts

Contact management, also known as customer management software, is a crucial CRM function that organizes contacts into groups for better service. This CRM feature lets you collect customer data and improve product launch marketing, personalizes customer interactions, making them feel valued.

Customer Opportunity and Sales Team Management

CRM makes it easy to quantify sales team opportunities with customers using lead scoring which identifies customers most likely to convert that helps to optimize sales/marketing teams, efficiency, and sales process.

High-Quality Lead Management

Lead management completes any CRM feature list. This technology helps businesses identify the best customers to follow up with based on demographic and psychographic factors. Like lead scoring, it helps salespeople focus on the right leads at the right time, improving efficiency and productivity.


Customized reports and dashboards present statistics visually provide real-time data updates and a platform that can be accessed from multiple portals, making it easier for various personnel to use. 

Sales Data

Sales analytics is an important CRM reporting feature that helps to improve sales campaigns by analyzing past data and collecting and analyzing social media, poll, and website traffic data.

CRM mobile

Mobile CRM apps allow remote customer relationship management. Mobile devices can display campaign data and alert staff.

Salesforce Automation

CRM also automates parts of your sales process including outgoing calls, follow-up campaigns, and data organization for better campaigns thus automating repetitive tasks lets employees focus on more complex tasks.

Forecasting sales

Customer relationship management involves setting success metrics to measure your results against your efforts to help you prioritize future efforts.

Email Client Integration

When a customer calls for support, your reps can easily access their previous interactions and information to provide the best care.


Optimizing workflows boost efficiency, data collection, analysis, marketing campaigns, and other manual tasks reports, and analytics to help users improve problem areas.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrating your CRM with ERP, BI, or HR software is important as it improves CRM functionality and efficiency.

Campaign Administration

A single UI lets you manage your sales campaign, campaign ROI, scheduling, analytics, etc. using analytics and data collection software, a CRM gives you and your employees many access points.


Customization increases CRM flexibility needs before buying.

Email Marketing Integration

Some businesses are satisfied with CRM’s email marketing features, but others need a dedicated email marketer. Integrating Mailchimp or Constant Contact with your CRM may be preferable to importing data. This integration is available in most CRM products, but check.

Social Media Integration

It streamlines social media management and allows multiple team members to work from different locations.

Case Management

Online case management, another CRM feature, secures confidential data and protects your customers’ and leads’ sensitive data from identity thieves. 

Automated Customer Service

CRM software manages customer relationship, and improve customer satisfaction, users can track, close, and reopen each case, personalize client communications, and create a support knowledge base for easy access.

Project management

CRM’s project management makes client meetings easier than writing dates in an Excel spreadsheet. Real-time alerts notify you of upcoming events and team member sales document changes and let you quickly review pending projects to avoid deadlines.

Territory Management

Customer location can route leads and accounts, allows account segmentation by territory, product type, or industry, and creates hierarchies by country, state, city, and zip code.

Pipeline Operations

Pipeline management, one of the most important CRM functions, lets you see where customers are in the sales funnel at any time, and help you plan, identify weaknesses, forecast revenue, and evaluate sales reps.

Sales data

Stratified data can be visualized for decision-making, KPIs, pain points, and data-driven decisions are quantified.

CRM File/Data Storage

It uses a proprietary data storage method to efficiently retrieve data, organizes sales documents like proposals and quotes, and protects and backs up critical data to prevent losses and security breaches.

File Sharing

It synchronizes many outside programs, imports spreadsheets, Outlook emails, and more, and lets you see all your features on one platform.

Integrating Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps you target likely buyers more efficiently and strategically. 

Chat Integration

You can chat with employees, partners, and customers from the same UI by integrating into your CRM.

Automated Call Center Integration

It lets you control your call center from the UI and integrate any third-party program into a single platform, using fewer systems to avoid confusion and data loss during translation or transfer.

Web Analytics Integration

It analyzes data, finds issues, suggests improvements, and shows how users interact with your website, making collecting and viewing these statistics easy from your UI.

Testing Environment

Customers can experiment, employees can adjust, and you can track every interaction reduces customer frustration, boosts conversions, and informs your decisions.

Final words

Vitel Global Communications offers comprehensive company VOIP phone system services, so if you’re looking for an economical, dependable VOIP CRM integration, hang in there.

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