Democratizing Innovation to Create a Healthy and Sustainable Future


“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” 

– Arthur C. Clarke

With the evolving phenomenon of modernization, many researchers aim to create awareness for democratized innovation – emphasizing the focus on consumers of products and services – both individuals and organizations.

Consumer-centered innovation offers various advantages, both at the macro and micro level, compared to adopting manufacturer-centric innovation. The ongoing process of innovation by incorporating feedback and reviews from consumers attains the path of progression.

In 2011, Nikhil Arun pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Economics from Duke University. This enabled him to understand innovation and economic growth. The Team — In-Video ImpressionsThe extensive knowledge and experience Arun have in the domain of innovation led him to contribute to launching tests that help in early cancer detection and adverse drug reaction prevention. His innovations are not limited to the following diseases but also include tools and resources to combat the consequences of COVID-19.

Obliging the duties of his position as a vice president of product innovation at 1health, Arun managed the deployment of products to tackle the challenges of the pandemic.

Early in the pandemic, testing was limited, inconvenient, and expensive. Nikhil observed this gap, which ultimately lead to an innovation.

Nikhil Arun and his team partnered with Rutgers University and narrowed the testing equity gap by launching the first COVID-19 saliva test kit which could be used at home. The innovation proved to be beneficial for underserved regions lacking access to healthcare professionals and centers.

Moreover, he created a digital tool to manage and administer vaccinations for underserved populations. He also launched the campaign known as “Testing as a Service,” allowing organizations to distribute COVID-19 test kits with their company’s brand on their own website. The campaign achieved success and effective results because  it is easy  for government agencies, schools, and organizations to deploy tests with their brands on it to their employees, students, and customers.

The commitment to making lives better has driven innovations and solutions, ultimately improving health outcomes. As Arun stated, “Our Testing As a Service platform is just one example of how we’re helping organizations deploy COVID-19 testing quickly and efficiently.

Arun also shares, “At 1health, we’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare. We’re excited to be a part of this rapidly evolving field and to be making a difference in people’s lives.”

Nikhil Arun, Vice President of Product and Chief of Staff, VitageneIn order to offer convenience and access to the wider population, Arun introduced a product to monitor the COVID-19 outbreaks, largely utilized by giant US companies, schools, counties, as well as the US Air Force. The tool proved to be effective for businesses operating in customer-centered industries like Food & Beverage and Transportation industry such as McDonalds and General Motors.

Nikhil Arun played a pivotal role in supporting the community and saving lives during the pandemic via his multiple innovations.

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