How to View Clipboard History on Android Phone?


How to view clipboard history on Android Phone

The clipboard is basically the place where your recently copied items are saved on your Android phone and allows you to copy or paste text, photos, or whatever easily. Whether you want to send an address or any important information to your friend or colleague, you need to copy and paste it at the desired place, and a clipboard is one that makes it easy for us.

The clipboard is the temporary memory on your phone where data is stored temporarily and is erased automatically when you copy another text, as the clipboard allows only one entry at a time.

Moreover, the clipboard saves the recently copied items and is replaced by copying another, and the clipboard on Android phones cannot be accessed easily all the time.

In such instances, how to see clipboard history?

Luckily, there are a few ways to view and restore clipboard history on your Android phone.

How to Access Clipboard History on Android?

The clipboard lets you copy text and paste it quickly to your desired place and is a feature that is available in various operating systems like Android, Windows, and Mac. But like the most advanced operating systems, Android doesn’t have greater control over the clipboard history.

Some previous versions of Android allowed you to view the last copied item only, while some newer versions let you see the entire clipboard history.

But it is pretty unclear which version of Android has a built-in clipboard feature and which doesn’t. So, you need to explore how to view the clipboard on Android. There are 

many working ways to do so.

Using the Build-in Clipboard Feature on Android

  • Go to the messaging, email, or notes app on your phone.
  • Press and hold in the text field where “Enter Message” appears.
  • Tap on Clipboard.”
  • Scroll down to find the copied text that you copied earlier. 

Unfortunately, very few Android phones are enriched with this feature. How do I see the clipboard on Android? There are many third-party apps available on the web that you can use to see the clipboard history.

Using Gboard 

To view the clipboard history, Google has also launched its official app, Gboard, which has a very easy user interface and is the most reliable third-party app to see the clipboard history. The best part is that most Android phones come with a pre-installed Gboard. So proceed with the steps.

  • First, make sure the phone has a pre-installed Gboard, or you can download and install it on your device.
  • Now, go to “Settings” > General Management.
  • Tap on “keyboard list and default.”
  • Turn on Gboard,”  then tap on “default keyboard.
  • Pick “Gboard
  • Open the app that uses the Keyboard and tap on the “Clipboard icon.
  • Tap Turn on Clipboard.
  • Now copy the items that you want to save to the clipboard.
  • Now press the Clipboard icon again, and you will see the recently copied items under “Recent“.

Now you can save your copied items forever by pinning them. To pin it, tap and hold it and press Pin,” and it will be saved under Pinned. By these methods, you can come across the solution of how to view clipboard history. You can find many solutions here related to your mobile phones and social media such as iPhone not sending texts to Android


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