5 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Visit Shimla


Best Time to Visit Shimla

With the shortest and quickest answer we will start this blog. If you are looking for 5 reasons why summer is the best time to visit ShimlaThen you are on the right track because summer is the perfect time for visiting Shimla. It’s April’s end and the weather has become so hot that we are already missing winter. No amount of artificial air through an air conditioner can offer you the natural winter vibes or peace which comes with nature which is gifted to us by god. So, yes going to Shimla is a one hundred percent right decision.

Anyone looking for a peaceful and lovely vacation will find Shimla, the picturesque hill station situated in the Himalayas, to be a true dream location. The city, which once served as the summer capital of British India, is home to stunning colonial buildings, snow-capped mountains, and lush vegetation, making it the perfect getaway from the bustle of the big city. You will be welcomed by Shimla’s cool breeze and the endearing sight of colonial-era structures as you arrive. The city’s bustling Mall Road is a must-see because it has the ideal mix of regional markets, eateries, and stores selling handicrafts and souvenirs from the past.

The town is heaven for adventure seekers, providing access to a wide range of pursuits like hiking, skiing, and paragliding. Adventure seekers frequently travel to the nearby Chail Wildlife Sanctuary and Kufri Ski Resort. Shimla’s breathtaking beauty will enchant you if you love the outdoors. A feast for the eyes is the pine and deodar tree forests, clear streams, and waterfalls. The best ways to take in Shimla’s natural beauty are through a leisurely horseback ride or stroll along the winding paths that lead to the mountains. Let’s move on to 5 reasons before we do it. One of the problems travelers or tourists face there is resorts or hotels for staying in. We assure you to not worry about it as Aaroham Resorts has got your back it’s one of the top resorts Shimla, and offering a summer discount so grab it before it ends! 

Yes, Best Time to Visit Shimla, 5 reasons right? 

Shimla is a stunning location that ought to be on everyone’s travel wish list. The town has something to offer everyone, from its natural beauty to its cultural heritage, and a visit here is sure to be one to remember. Shimla is the ideal vacation destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike due to the friendly hospitality of the locals and the delectable food, which ranges from traditional Himachali cuisine to international delights. Aaroham Resorts is proud to be present there and be one of the best resorts in Shimla. We are chosen by thousands of visitors over the year. To be loyal to our customers we give our best in terms of service, hospitality, and making your stay pocket friendly. We even accept your pets with the same love. Grab the deal to Aaroham Resorts now and avail summer discount to have a beautiful vacation and save your money on hotels. Let’s move to 5 reasons right?

Cultural Events

Shimla is a melting pot of traditions and cultures, and during the summer there are a number of cultural festivals. Every year in June, the well-known Summer Festival honors the community’s diverse cultural heritage. The festival offers adventure sports competitions, food fairs, and cultural performances. And there is another well-known summertime event that draws authors and readers from around the globe is the Shimla International Literature Festival. 

Nature and Beauty

Shimla is one of the most picturesque places in India because it is surrounded by verdant forests and the snow-capped Himalayas. The town is transformed into a paradise for nature lovers during the summer when the hills burst into life with colorful flowers and luscious greenery. During the summer, the Shimla Botanical Garden is a must-see destination where you can see a wide range of rare and exotic plant species. Annandale, Chadwick Falls, and Glen are just a few of the town’s parks and gardens you can visit too.

Historical Monuments

Shimla has a lengthy past, and the town is home to numerous historical structures. The Viceregal Lodge, also referred to as the Rashtrapati Niwas, is a magnificent structure that once served as the viceroy of India for the British Empire. Another well-liked destination is the Christ Church, which is renowned for its stunning stained-glass windows and Gothic style. A heritage structure that has undergone renovation, the Gaiety Theatre presents plays, musical performances, and cultural events. 

Adventure and Sports

Shimla is a paradise for adventure seekers, and the summer is the best time to partake in exhilarating outdoor pursuits. Shimla offers a wide range of adventure sports, including rafting, paragliding, and camping. There are many hiking trails in the area that take you to beautiful locations like Jakhu Temple and the Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary. Additionally, you can go camping in the lovely surroundings of Kufri or Fagu. Rafting and kayaking are activities that can be enjoyed on the nearby Sutlej and Beas rivers.

Bonny Weather 

Shimla has a moderate climate all year long, but summers are especially pleasant. It’s the ideal retreat from the oppressive heat of the plains because the temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Summertime is the best time of year for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and sightseeing because the sun shines brightly and the breeze is cool. Because the evenings are cooler, you can comfortably explore the town and its attractions.

End note before you pack your bags

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