The Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta

The Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta

Culinary tourism in Jakarta will not be complete if you don’t go to Central Jakarta. Because, there are many culinary variations to be tasted. One of them is seafood. If you want to eat seafood in Central Jakarta, these are recommendations for seafood restaurants that you should visit. The seasoning is famously delicious, the variety of seafood is countless.

1. Ocean Aroma Cottage

If you are living or working around Tanah Abang and Cideng. It’s really possible to come to Pondok Aroma Laut if you want to find seafood food. Starting from various types of fish, shrimp and crab here. For the weight of the seafood itself, it depends on the type we choose. Not only seafood, there are also various vegetable menus such as kale and tamarind vegetables.

2. Raja Gurame

Cempaka Putih is also a culinary heaven in Central Jakarta. Of course there are also seafood restaurants. One of the famous ones is, Radja Gurame. As the name implies, Radja Gurame brings various types of carp. Like, carp rica, grilled green chilies, mango sauce. In fact, there is carp served on a hotplate. For seafood, it only focuses on carp menus, because it is true to its name and actually focuses on carp menus. There are frozen carp that can be cooked at home or as hampers.

3. Pulau Dua Restaurant

Pulau Dua is also a favorite place to hold events such as meetings, birthdays. until application. In fact, it can also be a place for WFH times because there is an open space that can make you excited. The favorite seafood menu is Pulau Dua fried squid and Tom Yam seafood.

4. Eight Treasures

For those who want to eat seafood in the mall, you can visit Eight Treasure. This restaurant carries a Chinese food concept, but there are many seafood variants that you can try. Such as fresh Abalone, Alaskan Crab, Bamboo Clam (bamboo clams), and fish dumplings. And there is a seafood platter menu, you know, to eat together. This restaurant is in Plaza Indonesia Mall on the 4th Floor, yes.

5. Seafood Pirates

In this restaurant, you can choose the seafood yourself and then weigh it later. Crab, lobster and fish are calculated per ounce, starting from IDR 7,000 to IDR 40,000. Meanwhile, shrimp, scallops and squid are determined per portion. For shrimp, the price per portion is IDR 25,000, then clams and squid are IDR 20,000 per portion. After calculating the quantity by weight of the seafood and you pay, all you have to do is choose, you want it to be cooked according to your taste. You can grill honey, padang sauce, fry flour, and many more. Here there are also various chili sauce that you can choose.

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