How To Protect Your Hair Color From Fading?

First, chemical hair color fading cannot be stopped; it is a sad fact of life. You can control the process and keep your colour looking finer, more vivid, and more original for a while. Please read on to discover the quick steps we take to protect our hair colour from environmental aggressors like UV radiation and blow dryers. The primary lesson? Be considerate.

Following a successful salon visit and paying for the pricey service, we are familiar with how faded hair colour appears and feels. You would want to keep the new look’s shade and freshness for several months. And that’s why we’re here to add some valuable and unique advice to your routine that you can use to delay the fading of your hair. Let’s start! For more information consult with the best makeup artist in East Delhi or visit the best hair salon.

Take a Lukewarm or Cold Shower

Yes, it is not easy to hear this. We all like to take hot, steamy showers. But compared to hot water, cold water is much kinder to coloured hair. The hair cuticle may reopen due to hot water, allowing colour to escape. However, using cold water will keep your colour intact.

Use a Filter

The amount of iron, lime, and even trace chlorine levels frequently exposed to your hair can be decreased by installing a filter on your shower faucet. These substances are far too abrasive for synthetic hair colour to be exposed to. Your hair will feel softer as well.

Take Showers Less Often

This requires hardly any effort. Less frequent washing reduces the likelihood of hair colour fading. It would be beneficial to avoid rinsing your hair daily unless it becomes excessively oily. If you can go four or more days without showering, do it. Remember that using dried shampoo is a beautiful idea we should all do more of.

Don’t Use Hot Equipment

It’s best to use as little heat on weak hair as possible. But we are aware of the difficulties that may arise from stopping hot tools suddenly. Alternately, move slowly. Make an effort to air-dry your hair every week. Your straightening iron’s and blow dryer’s thermal settings should be as low as possible. Additionally, a thermal protectant should always be used before curling.

Use Special Styling Products

Such products are not harsh or dry to the skin. Alcohol, ammonia, or oxidants are commonly listed as crucial ingredients in conventional preparations; these substances can be particularly harmful to locks that have been coloured and can be a significant factor in your hair colour fading. Your hair colour begs for elements that are restoring rather than drying.

Hair Masking

Using the proper conditioning shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine is a big step, but it won’t stop colour fading. Put a few hair masks in your bath to upgrade your hair care routine and reflect the stringent maintenance needs of your hair colour.

Try Deep Conditioning

Applying colour is no different from maintaining healthy hair; this is the best advice. Deep conditioning will lessen the damage that the colouring process does to your hair by replenishing moisture and proteins. Regularly conditioning your hair prevents colour fading and makes your hair healthier, finer, and simpler to manage.

Avoid using chlorine

On coloured hair, especially blonde hair, chlorine use is strongly discouraged. If you go swimming without any protection, your dreadlocks might turn green! Apply a conditioner or oil to stop compounds from absorbing into your hair. If your hair develops a green tint, an old traditional remedy is to apply tomato juice; the red can help to stabilize the greens.

Shampoo Less Often

It is advised to shampoo your hair less frequently to prevent the fading of its brilliant colour. Less frequent washing will keep your hair moisturized and nourished, extending the life of your colour. You can either take two or three showers per week. To keep the hair looking clean on your off days, follow the earlier recommendation to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

To sum up

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