4 Key Reasons You’re Not Ranking In Search Engines

If your website contains errors, no amount of social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), blog comments, posting of a few blogs and articles, or directory submission will give it the boost it needs. Let’s now concentrate on a few problems that every reputable website design company in Delhi advises resolving before you begin marketing your website online. Therefore, pay attention to the factors listed below; your site will rank highly on search engines.

• Annoying Pop-Ups

Google recently posted that website owners should refrain from using intrusive pop-up windows and interstitials because Google values user experience, particularly on mobile devices. User experience (UX) and your SEO ranking may suffer if inventive popups appear before site visitors can access premium content.

• No reputable backlinks

Quality is more significant than quantity when it comes to obtaining backlinks. Therefore, one link from a site pertinent to your niche is worth more than one hundred links from low-quality websites. The caliber and quantity of your backlinks clearly indicate how trustworthy your website is. Search engines take this into account when listing your website in search results.

• Page Length

Remember that it is very annoying for visitors to your website to scroll more than five times to get to their preferred section. Keep your website short and to the point to keep your visitors satisfied. Additionally, ensure that your website loads in less than 5 seconds; if it takes longer, you risk losing visitors and sales.

• Thin Content

High-quality content is the main factor affecting how well your site performs when ranking highly. The product and service pages are the most crucial ones on a website. You’ll do better business the higher up the rankings you achieve for them. Some common mistakes related to thin content are not having service and product pages on your website, having sparse text on your service or product pages, and having one-page listing multiple products or services.

Never overlook these essential SEO components when creating a new website or redesigning an existing one.

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