Choose your toilet decoration according to your decorative style

Small rooms also deserve to be pretty! We no longer neglect the toilets, they too have the right to a pretty decoration! Choose the ideal toilet decoration according to your decorative style thanks to the tips of our decorators.

Choose your toilet decoration according to your decorative style

If there is one room that we neglect in interior decoration, it is the WC!

Small room, often dimly lit and where you spend very little time. Many people do not take the time to properly decorate this surface. We disagree. Your toilets also have the right to a total makeover! You’re out of inspiration, don’t panic, discover the best tips and advice for a trendy and modern WC decoration.

Discover the decorative style that suits you

Contemporary: a modern and elegant toilet decoration:

The contemporary decoration relies on a trendy and current interior. At the crossroads of several styles, it responds to a rising need to get back to basics and functionality. For a contemporary style, simplicity, sophistication and purity of lines are at the rendezvous. Make your toilet a completely different room, unique and modern!

  • Match the style of your home to your bathroom decor, and why not? We dare for the dark color in our toilets to add elegance to this forgotten room! Our decorator opted for a total black look with a wooden niche to bring a noble material.
  • For wall-hung toilets or if you’re short on space, our decorator shares her storage advice: opt for cupboards, high shelves, this will avoid cluttering the floor and give a clearer and more refined visual appearance.

By the sea: a toilet decoration with a holiday feel:

The seaside style is the impression ofescapingfrom its interior. By small touches or in total look, itssoft and soothing decorationcreates a holiday home atmosphere where life is good and that even in your WC!

  • First of all, we start with the paint for this style we advise you to opt for blue. Our decorator has opted here for a sky blue that tends towards pastels, bright and soft, it’s a perfect color for modern toilets.
  • Opt for decorations on the walls, in order to clear the floor in this small area. Here (first name) has opted for wall shelves which not only allow decoration, but which also allow a functional layout with additional storage!
  • The extra tip: play with the materials to bring relief and originality to this piece. For the seaside style, opt for natural materials such as rattan mirrors, or dried flowers and rush carpets. A perfect combo to bring back your holiday memories!

Ethnic: a toilet decoration that makes you travel

At the top of the trends, the ethnic style is a subtle blend of different backgrounds. It is armed with vibrant colors, plant fibers and decorative elements typical of the 4 corners of the world and a feeling of travel and escape.

  • We dare color, this time we want dynamism, the color of vacation tunes in the sun! The ethnic style is a style that sends pep, so dare a colorful patterned coating! The colors in vogue at the moment are Terracota, ocher yellow or pine green.
  • Preferred materials? Natural fibres, rattan, raffia or rush. In mats, baskets or even wall decorations, these materials will make your WC a real corner of escape.

Industrial: a New York-style toilet decoration?

The industrial style whose codes have seduced over the years, relies on araw and authentic interior. Directly borrowed from the working world, it was theninspired by the lofts ofNew York artists before inviting itself into our current interiors, and even to our toilets.

  • And if we added the famous brick wall in our toilets? Our decorator chose an imitation brick wall covering to create an urban atmosphere here. Perfect for the industrial style, this touch of originality draws attention directly to the back wall which will create the charming effect of the space. If you do not like this type of wallpaper you can very well paint or place cement tiles or white tiles to create a brighter side.
  • For decoration, opt instead for dark furniture in steel or wood to recall the materials characterizing the industrial style. So you can add a workshop-style mirror or a large clock. Go for models at!
  • We do not neglect the light, indeed the color of the walls being dark this space can become a very dark room. This is why the choice of the luminaire is an important step. It must be aesthetic in order to match the theme, but must also illuminate sufficiently.

Charm & Art Deco: a sophisticated and chic toilet decoration

The Charme and Art Deco style have certain similarities. They bet on a refined, sophisticated and luxurious interior similar to the monarchy!

  • However, some differences are noticeable: especially in terms of colors. Sober and dark for the elegance of Art Deco and soft and refined for the Charme style. We opt for a peacock feather covering in the colors of Gastby, against a warmer and more charming floral wallpaper!
  • For the decorative elements, everything is in the detail! We add large gilded mirrors, brass taps, moldings or even pretty frames.
  • Finally for both styles this advice is the same: for a chic decoration we recommend a minimalist effect to the maximum, that is to say 0 mess! Toilet paper, hygiene and cleaning accessories are neatly stored in the cupboards.

Scandinavian: a refined toilet decoration

The Scandinavian style is a decoration that wants to benatural and functional. It is therefore a ratherminimalist, which advocates simplicity with a real ecological conscience. A simple and soothingatmospherethat makes this decor remain timeless and always trendy.

  • We forget the pep’s and dark colors, we focus on neutral colors! To your brushes to make your old toilets neutral toilets, beige or white. These colors allow you to light up your room naturally and visually enlarge the room.
  •  To change wallpaper or paint, opt for wooden cleats. They add warmth and fashion to create original toilets. A sleek and minimalist accent wall that will create harmonious toilets in the blink of an eye.

Original and vintage toilets!

Far from being outdated, the vintage style is making a strong comeback in the TOP of trends. Iconic style from the 50s to the 90s, it seduces us for its original and stylish side, its undeniable cachet and its atmosphere steeped in history. That’s why we chose it as our favourite.

This style brings extra character to your toilets, the decorative elements as well as the colors of the walls which support the style and the atypical identity!

The accumulation side of decorative accessories creates a warm atmosphere, the choice and assembly of colors give a retro side to the room. These toilets bring real added value to your apartment or house by playing on color nuances, materials and light! So, have you found your style?

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