Britannia Franchise

This company’s management was the subject of various problems in the 1990s, which marked the beginning of the Wadia Group’s takeover of the business. Yet it is lucrative and has a sizable market share. Food manufacturer Britannia Industries Limited is situated in India; it is a unit of the Wadia Group, whose chairman is Nusli Wadia. Founded in 1892, Britannia has its headquarters in Kolkata, India. One of the oldest businesses still in existence in India, it is well known for its biscuit goods. In India and around the world, the corporation sells bread, biscuits, and dairy goods under the Britannia and Tiger brands.

Britannia Distributorship

The company’s factories have an annual production capacity of 433,000 tonnes. Britannia’s revenue from dairy products is about 10%.
With the assistance of a group of British businessmen and a meagre investment of Rs 295 the company was founded about 1892. Biscuits were initially produced in central Kolkata. Later, the Gupta brothers took ownership of the company.
Between 1998 and 2001, the Company’s sales increased at a compound annual rate of 16%, and operating profits reached 18%, both of which were against the trend of the market.

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