WooCommerce: What is it? Why WooCommerce is the Best Option for E-Store

Do you want to launch an online store? WooCommerce is the solution.

Every year, thousands of new e-commerce companies are established. When choosing a platform, new online retailers have no shortage of options. Should you pick a self-hosted program like Magneto or WooCommerce over a hosted platform like Shopify? Should you opt for the most straightforward option or one that can expand along with your company?

WooCommerce, which powers about 2.3 million e-commerce stores worldwide, is especially welcoming to new e-commerce merchants because it combines simplicity with amazing power, flexibility, and features.

Describe WooCommerce

Let’s start by defining WooCommerce. WordPress has an e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce. With reasonable levels of flexibility and several essential features like inventory and tax management, secure payments, and shipping integration, it makes setting up and running an online store simple.

The Origins of WooCommerce

Now that you are aware of what WooCommerce is, let’s look at its history. After developing a copy of the e-commerce plugin Jigo shop, developers Mike Jolley and James Koster released WooCommerce in 2011. In 2015, Word Press’s parent company, Automatic, bought both WooCommerce and Woo Themes, a related plugin.

WooCommerce’s expansion was only accelerated by the partnership between Word Press and WooCommerce. Automatic is still actively developing WooCommerce today and is pushing the plugin to new heights.

How does it Function?

The plugin WooCommerce is free. This Plugin enables you to create an online store on your WordPress website. It has a few standout characteristics that transform a website into a selling platform. A WordPress website becomes an e-commerce business site by adding functionality like a shopping cart, checkout, and product options. It enables you to manage inventory, accept secure payments, sell physical and digital goods, and automatically file your taxes.

Benefits of WooCommerce

1. Free and Open Source

WooCommerce uses a “freemium” business model, making it economical. It means that while the basic software is free, some of the new features or additions might cost money.

The WooCommerce plugin allows people who want to launch an online business to manage their store for a relatively low cost. They can then launch their business with less money invested.

2. Lots of Flexibility

With WooCommerce, online store owners can add an infinite number of product lists in numerous categories. Additionally, there is a tonne of themes available for users to customize or personalize CRM on their websites however they see fit.

WooCommerce allows you to sell tangible, intangible, and even downloadable goods. Additionally, it provides the option to accept almost every type of payment.

3. An Expert Appearance

WooCommerce is a platform with a strong sense of professionalism and organization. It appears genuine and ready to use due to the way the tools and functionalities are arranged.

Customers find it simple to carry out all operations, from order tracking to checking delivery status.

4. Provide Options for Customization

For your eCommerce Web Development, WooCommerce plugins offer you a variety of themes. As a result, you can easily increase its functionality and alter it to suit your company’s requirements.

Its templates are open source, allowing you to install them once and alter them however you see fit. Additionally, you can play around with these themes to produce original results.

With the help of WooCommerce Website Design, you can tailor your online store to meet your business needs. It offers a variety of themes that can be customized to fit your preferences and your company’s needs.

5. Secure

It has a strong, secure shopping cart which is a great feature. Additionally, it receives regular updates to get rid of any bugs or problems. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about security issues when using the WooCommerce plugin.

Users can shop online in a secure environment thanks to WooCommerce. You must earn your customers’ trust for your eCommerce website to flourish. Security is not a concern with WooCommerce due to its constant updating. The WooCommerce development team is constantly prepared to look for flaws and continue to fix them.


WooCommerce Development Company offers additional advantages. The platform is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses because of its polished appearance and adaptability. The standard requirements of the majority of other eCommerce platforms can be met with WooCommerce for a fraction of the price.

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