What is Geotechnical Drilling and where is it needed?

Geotechnical Drilling can be entirely an unfamiliar subject to many of us. But that doesn’t make it worthless at all. With more development projects happening around the world, the need for geotechnical Drilling in modern world infrastructure is also increasing significantly. 

When the stability of the entire building depends upon its foundation, it becomes essential to ensure that the earthy elements upon which the building rest form a secure structure. Even a tiny error in determining the strength can result in significant financial loss. That’s why all renowned developers hire Geotechnical construction companies for their major construction projects.

What is Geotechnical Drilling?

Geotechnical Drilling is a critical investigation process that determines the physical properties and conditions of the subsurface elements such as soil, rock, and groundwater. Such testing is necessary to ensure the safety and viability of the project. Drilling and samples are used to create a soil profile which helps in soil explorations and determines the site’s integrity. If the testing identifies parameters outside the project’s plan, there is a high chance that the proposed development of the building is not secure for development. A geotechnical construction company performs the task, ensures that the drilling process meets project requirements, and provides the client with accurate investigation results for further analysis.

 When tested, a soil profile defends structural collapse due to natural calamities such as earthquakes, tornados, and floods. The Geotechnical drilling process results can help you identify potential contaminants, water content, and soil grain size for the planned project. Drilling also enables scientists and researchers to look for minerals and oil and gas deposits under the subsurface.

The process of Drilling requires specialized equipment and drilling tools. A certified Geotechnical engineer or supervisor with the skills and experience necessary to produce efficient results monitors the entire drilling process. The appropriate use of rigs and other drilling equipment ensures that the site is skillfully monitored to avoid any complications that may arise during construction.

When do you need to carry out Geotechnical Drilling?

While Geo environmental drilling is beneficial for most construction projects, it is not necessary to perform it for all the structures. However, there are some exceptional cases where you can’t afford to take the risk. Some common examples of construction projects where the need for Geo-Environmental Drilling is inevitable include 

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Motorways
  • Dams
  • Multi-storey residential buildings and high-end commercial complexes 
  • Levees

Besides construction works, there are some other circumstances where Geotechnical drilling is applicable. When you want to determine the feasibility of underground cabling, pipelines, or water disposal alternatives, Geotechnical drilling can be of great help. 

There are many ways to investigate soil composition through Geo Environmental drilling., which includes Direct Push Technique(DPT), Sonic, Rotary, and Hollow stem Augers. It is crucial to hire a dependable Geotechnical Construction Company to ensure that you receive accurate reports from the drilling.
Precise sample testing enables the smooth operation of construction projects and makes the building secure from potential safety hazards. Besides, working with less ideal ground conditions increases construction costs and timelines. Thus, you must consider investing in a Geotechnical construction company before moving on to the project’s construction process.

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