How To Wear BAPE Hoodies

There are many street brands that have come before BAPE (A Bathing Ape). Many celebrities wear BAPE on the regular, so it’s surrounded by hype. The brand is famous for its shark camouflage hoodies. Check out BAPE’s outfits! Stay tuned!

BAPE Clothing has been around for 20 years, where have you been? One of the biggest and most reputable names in streetwear, BAPE was founded by Nigo. BAPE camo hoodies have been worn by stars such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, and Biggie Smalls.

BAPE shark hoodies are the most famous. Shark teeth and a shark head decorate the hood, reminiscent of WWII fighter jets. There are also the BAPE panda hood and the tiger hood, all derived from the original shark hood.

The Bape Story

DJ Nigo was the founder of BAPE in 1993. From Ura-Harajuku, the brand offers streetwear for men, women, and kids. There are 19 BAPE stores in Japan alone. Other stores are in Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, and Singapore. 

BAPE is now a huge brand. Under its name are Mr. Bathing Ape, AAPE, and Baby Milo. Founder Nigo was already heavily connected to the street culture before starting BAPE. An editor for Popeye Magazine, he opened his own store “Nowhere” with Jun Takahashi.

Hundreds of collections and collaborations with big names have followed since then. Many highly acclaimed rappers and celebrities wear it as a staple. As a result of his flawless success, Nigo sold 90% of BAPE to the IT Group. BAPE allegedly fell apart after Nigo left, but the brand still produces new collections and high-quality pieces regularly. Also, Nigo is a key player in Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club brand, as co-owner and designer.

Hoodie With Shark Prints

This is probably one of the BAPE items, whether or not they are interested in streetwear, that most people would recognize. Do you really know streetwear if you’ve never owned a shark hoodie? It is commonly available in a plethora of bright colours, such as purple, orange, and blue, and features one of BAPE’s classic camo patterns. Shark hoodies are always in BAPE’s new collections and they sell out quickly.

‘Tiger Hoodie’

In a very similar design to the shark hood, the BAPE tiger hoodie reflects the design of the shark hood. Simply swap out the shark for a tiger, and you’ve got a tiger hood. Back in the early 2000s, it was famously seen on Kanye.

Hoodie Featuring A Panda

Similar to the two styles aforementioned, the Panda hoodie is also available. BAPE’s most recent animal head hoodie has a lot to live up to. But it has done just fine and has become just as popular as its siblings. Influencers around the world wear BAPE Panda hoodies.

Hoodies: How To Wear

Full-length zippers are a distinctive feature of most BAPE hoodies. From waist to head, the hoodies can be fully unzipped to show off the hood print. In my opinion, it is a questionable look. Hoodies with zips are easy to style. In winter, layers can be worn underneath a coat with a t-shirt zipped up or undone. You’ve got a solid look with denim and trainers in no time.

Under A Jacket: Wearing A Hoodie

Winter’s blistering cold days don’t always warrant a jacket. Adding one extra layer to a bape jacket can make a huge difference. Ensure the hood is out and outside the jacket. Leaving it inside would look disastrous. Also, unzip the hoodie if you’re wearing a jacket unzipped. You should follow these rules whether you wear a hoodie or not. More Information


Before BAPE (A Bathing Ape), there were many street brands. Several celebrities wear BAPE on a regular basis, so it’s hyped. Hoodies with shark camouflage are famous. Check out BAPE’s gear! Follow!

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