Looking Back At Seasons 1-4 Of Yeezy

It was the first of West’s Yeezy Season collaborations in 2015. Watch the eighth edition of the show on Sunday in Paris. Let’s recap last season’s highlights.

Yeezy Season 1

In its first season, the brand collaborated fully with Adidas Originals on shoes, Yeezy clothing

, and outerwear. The Yeezy 350s were the biggest hit of the collection, selling out like they’re always known to.

Tan, grey, black, olive, and light blue are softer color palettes.

Barneys New York was one of the luxury stores to roll out the program. According to Hypebeast, eager shoppers waited for more than 5 hours on the day of. West’s collection was hailed as a redemption for the negative reviews he received after his first runway show in 2011.

Yeezy Season 2

The following fall, Kanye stepped out solo. adidas still sponsored the show, but the clothes weren’t as involved as in Season 1.

Harper’s Bazaar summarized the collection, “The designer sticks to the militant idea for Yeezy Season 2.” Though the collection maintained the same praise as Season 1, there was a lot more criticism this time around. On The Cut, renowned fashion critic Cathy Horyn penned an article titled Kanye West Fooling The Fashion World.

Bustle actually responded to the Season 2 criticisms, defending the show with “7 Reasons Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 Doesn’t Deserve The Hate It’s Been Dealt.”

Yeezy Season 3

2016 February. The Life of Pablo, West’s sixth studio album, debuted alongside Yeezy Season 3. Spectacle. In Madison Square Garden, Vanessa Beecroft had the entire floor at her disposal. West fans and members of the fashion industry attended. Globally streamed and in theaters.

The Cut’s Cathy Horyn reviewed the Season once again. Tone differed significantly. Still some issues. “I just want to tell Mr. Kanye West: Shut up,” she concluded, complementing West’s vision, his yeezy clothes, and his future in the fashion industry. Relax. You have won.”

Yeezy Season 4

Season 4, in the fall of 2016, spoiled Yeezy Season 3.

It was held on Roosevelt Island’s outdoor stage at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.

The Esquire: “What the Hell Happened at Yeezy Season 4? ”

CNN: “Kanye’s Yeezy Season 4 show gets blistering reviews.”

Wet Paint: “Kanye West Intentionally Delayed Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show For Hours.”

Fashionista: “Kidnapped By Kanye West: The Yeezy Season 4 Story”

The Washington Post: “Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 was worse than bad. It was boring.”

The reason for the delay, according to Vanessa Beecroft? “The long wait before, I believe it was planned because [Kanye] wanted the audience to get into this state of having to observe and having to stay.” Whatever the reason, the critics, the journalists, fans did not handle it well, with their complaints lightning up Twitter and Instagram. Others who didn’t handle it well? The models. During the pre-show delay, one fainted. Others stumbled in the heels while they walked the runway.

The links above are only a smattering of the negative pieces that came out in the wake of Yeezy Season 4. It’s safe to say, not only had the momentum been lost, the odds of Yeezy Season 5 having any audience was slim.


In 2015, Kanye West launched the first of his Yeezy Season collaborations. On Sunday, in Paris, as part of Fashion Week, we’ll see the eighth iteration of the show. In anticipation, let’s recap the previous seasons.

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