Rising awareness amongst for Oral Health amongst the Filipinos is driving the growth of Dental Care Services in the Philippines: Ken Research

Dental Services Market Philippines

1 . Reduction in Utilizing Dental Services and Financial Implications were some of the challenges faced by the Dental Services Market during the Covid-19

The reduction in utilization of dental services affected the employment among dental hygienists, dentists, dental assistants, dental lab technicians, and the dental material producing and supplier industry. Covid-19 affected dental students as well as the patients seen at dental school-operated clinics, interrupted dental treatment, and increase the budget of the dental schools in terms of PPE and other safety-related expenses. Despite the negative impacts of Covid-19, some positive developments have been accelerated as a result of the pandemic. These include harnessing the skills of all members of the dental team and remote consultation, like tele-dentistry, telemedicine, and the use of the Internet of Dental Things.

Philippine’s Dental Services Market

2.  Growing economy and Rising General Awareness among the locals is fueling the growth in Philippine’s Dental Services Market

Philippines Dental Services Market for future growth

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In recent years, the growth in the Philippines’ dental services market was driven by multiple factors such as growth in the urban population, inclination towards a healthier lifestyle, rise in general awareness related to oral health care, and a growing economy. A continuously growing economy is expected to affect the mindset in terms of health expenditure and drive people to focus on their oral health. The Philippine Department of Health has taken various initiatives under the Dental Health Care Program providing growth opportunities to the dental services market.

3.  The Ongoing Consolidation among private players and improving dental equipment are major trends shaping the Philippines Dental Services Market for future growth

Philippines Dental Services Industry Growth

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The Philippines is considered the Selfie Capital of the World, and having braces is very common in the country and especially among teenagers, this is expected to fuel the growth in the dental services market in the Philippines. The rising Dental consciousness among Filipinos, along with the growing purchasing power, is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. Further, digital adoption with technological advancement can improve the diligence and delivery of dental care services which will lead to the growth of the dental services market in the country.

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Philippines Dental Services Market

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