India Digital Lending Market is in Growing Stage, Being Driven by Digitization in the country along with the presence of 100+ Players in the Industry: Ken Research

  1. Digital Lending Platforms are addressing the huge unmet demand for credit as the Market has grown @ CAGR 131.9% During FY’2017-FY’2022.
India Digital Lending Market

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India’s market for digital lending has grown from INR 116.7 billion in FY’2017 to INR 3,377.7 billion in FY’2022P. The growth is supported by the need for superior customer experience, emerging business models, faster turn-around time, and adoption of technology like AI. Customers are adopting digital avenues as a result of the rise in smartphone usage and internet penetration. Digital channels influence 40 to 60% of loan purchase transactions across loan types.

2. Loans through Digital Channels on NBFCs has increased from 0.6% in FY’2017 to 53.0% in Dec, 2020 owing to the rise in BNPL schemes and lower interest rates offered by the Lending Platforms.

India Digital Lending Industry

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Commercial banks are rapidly joining the genre of financial intermediaries either lending digitally on their own or joining with NBFCs to share the synergies. The Digital Lending Company’s requirements are lower, and the process is significantly quicker. They need just a bank account as a reference point where loans can be credited and therefore % of Loans through Digital Channels are higher with NBFCs. The flexibility that BNPL schemes offer has completely transformed the digital lending market, particularly for younger shoppers, who are happy to trade traditional credit cards for more user-friendly BNPL schemes. The rapid uptake of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) propositions, particularly within the retail sector, continues to drive major growth and new opportunities for NBFCs in India.

3. Rising Internet Penetration, Rise of innovative Models and an enabling regulatory environment are some of the Major Driving Factors for Digital Lending in India

Digital Lending in India

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Higher penetration of smartphones, increasing number of mobile phone subscriptions coupled with inexpensive data has result in the growth and also supported the awareness and adoption rate of Digital Lending in India’s population. The popularity of Digital Lending has increased in India owing to NBFCs platforms collaborating with other digital platforms such as e-commerce, ride hailing, travel, logistics and more, resulting in higher acceptance of digital lending from various customer segments in the country. Digital Lending Pioneered by NBFCs, have now resulted in Companies from various segments coming up with multiple new models of doing business such as Digital Lending Marketplaces, POS Transaction Lending, Bank and NBFCs partnership models and more.2

4. Digital Lending Market to Reach INR ~15,000 billion by FY’2027 Making Digital Lending a Sector with the Highest Penetration by Digital Channels in the Country.

Digital Lending Market

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Strategic partnerships and collaborations between traditional financial institutions and new-age Lending Platforms. Plus, easy market entry and targeted loan offerings due to availability of large sets of customer data, which can give collective and individual insights. Changing consumer behavior and expectations shaped by purchase/ transaction experiences offered by e-marketplaces like food delivery, e-commerce and travel portals.

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