Top 5 Hyper-Casual Games that Should be on your List

Playing the same old games on your mobile devices can become a little monotonous at times. However, playing some truly fantastic casual games will help you get rid of that boredom while also keeping you highly delighted. One of the nicest things about puzzle games is that they can keep you enthralled for hours, and every time you feel like giving up, you will just find yourself returning for more since you are definitely not letting the game get the better of you.

Hyper-Casual games can range from really basic to extremely difficult. We have a list of some of the top casual games, so check it out if you want a challenge mixed in with lots of fun.

  • Slashy 

First and foremost, try playing Slashy by Camel Motion. With its captivating features, this intriguing puzzle game has drawn many players from all age groups across the globe. The player needs to place the Slices on top of discs to break them. This game has almost 300 levels, and each one grows progressively more challenging. 

The exciting part of the game is having access to the “hammer,” a magical tool you can use to shape the slices so they fit on those discs. Additionally, there are various fantastically made props available to you, including a rugby ball, a pizza slice, a crystal orb, slice of kiwi, vinyl record, and others.

  • Build a Bridge

Do you enjoy constructing bridges? At the very least, you must have witnessed construction workers constructing one at some point in your life. Now is your time to put your engineering knowledge to the test. You can construct bridges for a variety of vehicles in this game, including trucks, autos, and buses. 

However, it is not that easy. It becomes difficult when unusual vehicles, such as monster trucks, are unloaded for you. It’s an intriguing physics-based game in which joining dots to form a bridge is crucial. The bridge could be destroyed by using the wrong materials or connecting at the wrong place. So, build with caution. 

  • Rider

This is the game you need to play if you want adventure and high levels of adrenaline. In this racing game, you have to pull off some crazy stunts and gather diamonds along the route. The game has over 32 levels and over 100 obstacles to overcome. For instance, if you can’t ride the bike well, the game will be over for you.

Additionally, you can acquire 40 incredible bikes, giving you a variety of possibilities to select your own ride. You can either use virtual money or complete various tasks to purchase a new bike. You can play this game whenever you need to ease your thoughts, and it features nice graphics and simple gameplay.

  • Threes!

Keep playing even if this game initially appears to be rather straightforward. As you advance and unlock new stages, which could be difficult, this single-game mode becomes even more thrilling. The objective is to combine numbers to produce the largest number feasible. 

However, you must take care to combine the right numbers in the appropriate locations to avoid impeding your progress. With lovely music playing in the background, the game is elegantly simple in design.

  • Blackbox

When it comes to puzzle games, this one is slightly unique. You could argue that this game makes a serious effort to make use of nearly all the features on your phone. In this game, you must turn on the lights of tiny coloured boxes. To complete these puzzles, you must think of alternatives to the standard tapping, scrolling, and swiping. 

Some may even need you to use unusual and unorthodox techniques, such as calling your buddies or picking up on game clues. Not to be overlooked is Blackbox’s straightforward, minimalist visual style.


In amalgamation of the above, Casual games are a tonne of fun, and they’re selling like hotcakes right now. It’s time for you to begin downloading them and start playing right now. These games are available on the Play Store and the App Store. So, have fun with all of these entertaining mobile games. 


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