Guide to Evaporative Coolers: How They Work and Why You Should Consider Buying One

Air condition in your house is vital, especially during the hot months. Air conditioners are popular for this function but can be impractical due to high energy consumption. An evaporative cooler, also called an evaporative air conditioner, is an excellent way to cool and keep the air in your house fresh. The cooler has an electric-powered fan that draws air through a wet pad, where it’s cooled and blown out into the room. Therefore, they’re an excellent alternative to air conditioning. Here’s a guide on how they work and why you should consider buying them. 

How Evaporative Coolers Work

These coolers use the evaporation principle to cool the air. It has several essential components, including a fan, a water tank, an internal motor, and filter pads, also called media. 

The function of the motor is to draw warm air through the internal filter pad. At the filter pad, water evaporates into a gas, releasing high-energy particles, thus lowering their temperatures. In addition, the filter pads remove dust and smoke particles to freshen the air.  Then the air is then blown out into the room, and the cycle continues.

Types of Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are categorized depending on their working mechanism.  The most common types include 

  • Direct Evaporative Cooling: This type of evaporative cooler is the most popular, and its working mechanism is simple. It involves drawing warm air using a fan, passing it through a wet filter pad, and distributing it in the room either directly or using ducts. 
  • Indirect Evaporative Cooling: This cooler is less popular since it consumes high energy. It has a heat exchange core hence two streams of air. The first stream of air is used to cool the core. In return, the core cools the second stream of air which is blown out into the room.

Why you Should Consider Buying Evaporative Coolers,

They Are Cheaper

Evaporative coolers consume less energy than regular air conditioners. Therefore, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs, unlike when using an air conditioner. In addition, they have lower installation and operation costs than air conditioners. Experts estimate that coolers use only a quarter of the energy used by an air conditioner and half the installation cost.  

They are Easy to Maintain, and Environmental Friendly

Evaporative coolers require low maintenance since they need cleaning or regular checkups. This is because their system is simple and unlikely to trap foreign material. In addition, they don’t emit any chemicals during the cooling process. Also, since their energy consumption is low, their carbon footprint is minimal.

They Produce Fresher and Hydrated Air

Evaporative coolers are great at filtering the air to remove dirt particles. Additionally, instead of circulating the air, they replace the warm air with cold air from the outside; hence it’s fresher.

Evaporative coolers are excellent and more efficient than regular air conditioners. They work through evaporation, thus, energy efficiency. Also, They are cheaper to install than air conditioners and are low maintenance. If you want to reduce energy costs, enjoy fresher air, and care for the environment, an evaporative cooler is your best option.

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