8 World Cup Sweatshirt Designs That Are Popular

The year’s edition of the sports world’s most significant competition has begun. From November through December 2022, Qatar will play host to 32 teams worldwide, seeking sports immortality in the World Cup 2022. Even though most of the jerseys we see this winter will be forgotten in time, a few will go down in football (and perhaps fashion) history as classics.

Before we get started, we’ve seen an intriguing set of themes with 2022’s kit designs now that they’ve all been revealed. So, after considering all the brands and models out there, a few standouts emerged. Manufacturers are working harder than ever to create World Cup Sweatshirt designs that will appeal to future generations of fans worldwide. Without further ado, here are the top world cup sweatshirts designs to get ahead.


Top World Cup Sweatshirt Designs That are Popular

Belgium (Away) Adidas

Although the Red Devils will be wearing their home jersey in an attempt to set the world on fire, the remaining members of Belgium’s “Golden Generation” will be wearing their away jersey to promote the message of LOVE. While the jersey’s arrival with a crisp white background is in keeping with the standard for Away jerseys, Belgium’s Away kit breaks precedent as the first shirt in World Cup history made in cooperation with a festival, Tomorrowland.

One need not be a devotee of the oontz subculture to appreciate this layout. The World Cup Sweatshirt design, which includes a “LOVE” sign-off and a dramatic graphic print inspired by Tomorrowland’s famed fireworks, is meant to symbolize the federation’s and festival’s commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusiveness.

England Away (Nike)

England’s uniforms have made history on more than one occasion. The Three Lions’ recent tournament success with jerseys like the all-white strip unveiled in 2018 for the World Cup semi-final and the crewneck design that got them to the Euro finals has led to the kits’ massive popularity. However, the new England shirt is a hybrid of retro and futuristic elements, making it one of Nike Football’s most exciting creations in recent memory.

The new uniform reveals an abstract Three Lions design when the collar is undone. While England supporters have had mixed reactions to this year’s uniform, we consider it a smash-and-grab.

France Away Nike

The French national soccer team, ahh, Les Bleus. Is there a terrible shirt? (The answer is yes, but only seldom.) While it’s no secret that the French have impressive football skills, their fashion heritage is possibly unparalleled.

The reigning champions’ subtle brilliance in their away shirt added to the discussion around this year’s most talked-about aspect of the FIFA World Cup. The clothing seems white from afar. Inspecting it more closely, however, a classic Toile de Jouy design starts to come into focus, complete with images commemorating the French Revolution and iconic locations like the Arc de Triomphe. A cow is also present. We won’t bother asking why because it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Croatia (Away) Nike

The World Cup, like other big contests, has evolved beyond its original purpose as a sporting event to become a stage for artists, athletes, and businesses to display their work while also bringing attention to a variety of social concerns that are inextricably linked to the world of sports. While several of the teams’ jerseys in this year’s competition are stylish, we nod to Denmark for their decision to hide their logos by using red, black, and white.

These remarks follow years of criticism leveled at FIFA and the Qatari federation over the working conditions of those constructing the stadiums.

Japan Home

Japan has an impressive track record of rocking the most sought-after uniforms at international competitions. Consider the “Great Wave” shirt, which the home country debuted in the Olympics in 2020. However, the newest World Cup shirt is perhaps the greatest gear the country has ever had. The new Japan World Cup Sweatshirt, designed in collaboration with Adidas Football, recalls the origami paper-folding art featured at Yokohama’s final World Cup ceremony 20 years ago. The flock of cranes from Japan’s federation logo inspired the jersey’s design. Even though Japan isn’t expected to go very far in the competition this year, they have a good chance of having the best jerseys.

Mexico Away Adidas

Time and time again, Mexico has provided us with a kit that pays homage to the country’s rich Aztec history. Many Mexican World Cup supporters fondly remember the team’s 1998 home uniform. The away shirt in 2022 looks the same.

Adidas has hit it out of the park with this design, which features a reworked logo on a beige background and an all-over print in burgundy with vibrant green edging. This looks amazing.

Portugal’s Home (Nike)

If there were a prize for the “most contentious outfit,” Portugal’s home jersey would undoubtedly win. Its non-traditional template has yet to gain universal appreciation. Still, its diagonal red-and-green pattern was inspired by the way Portuguese national team players wrap the country’s flag around their body after victory (a sentiment brilliantly conveyed on a forbidden long-sleeve shirt). However, this new uniform and the team’s abundance of promising young players give Portugal’s supporters considerable cause to be optimistic.

South Korea Away (Nike)

No other team’s away uniform in the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be as much pleasure to wear. Its multi-colored streaks and stripes are reminiscent of abstract art and fireworks in equal quantities, creating a life style with lots of ’90s flare. However, there’s a more profound significance behind the dazzling graphics: the blue and red streaks are a compliment to Taegeuk, the emblem at the heart of the Korean flag that depicts the balance between earth (red) and heaven (blue) (blue).

Wrapping Up!

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