Why must these Indian dishes be served at your wedding?

We are all aware that Indian weddings have beautiful music, lighting, and affection. This is what makes marriage so admirable in India, as seen during the wedding. Most significantly, it is stuffed with a wide variety of delectable food, and guests can indulge in steamy, fragrant curries and appetizer-sized appetisers.

Although serving delicious food is now a big component of weddings, weddings are still primarily about the union of two people. ensuring the enjoyment of your guests.

We at Sula serve exactly what an Indian wedding meal menu ought to be catered if you’re looking for fantastic popular Indian restaurant foods wedding cuisine ideas. Not only do we anticipate your visitors’ food preferences, but we also ensure their happiness by providing Indian catering services.

We have, however, compiled a list of some of the best Indian dishes you must serve during your wedding!

1. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken has long been a popular dish at Indian weddings. One of the most endearing cuisines is Indian food, particularly the tandoori chicken dish. Its marinade of yoghurt, Indian spices, and tandoori’s smoked flavour has long been a genuine crowd-pleaser. It will surely be a hit with your guests. The delicious tandoori chicken makes it a great alternative for your wedding as well, keeping your guests happy.

2. Samosas with vegetables

Vegetarian Samosa Samosas are a universal favourite and the ideal food for an Indian wedding. Your visitors will adore the samosas with the delectable veggie filling and chutney, especially the vegetarians.

The best thing about samosas is that they are delicious and relatively simple to eat, making them ideal for children as well. As a result, when eating them, it won’t cause much of a mess.

3. Chicken in butter

Chicken in butter

While we’re on the subject of chicken, butter chicken is a popular Indian wedding dish. An Indian wedding requires a delectable dish that may be eaten with roti, naan, or any other kind of bread. As a result, butter chicken becomes one of the greatest choices. Right?

It isn’t overly hot, but the creamy, tomato-based curry will undoubtedly give you a sense of heat. At your wedding, your guests will enjoy the delicious Indian food. On your wedding day counter, the flavour of butter chicken and raita will undoubtedly be a hit.

4. Lamb Biryani, number.

Without a delicious lamb biryani, an Indian wedding isn’t complete. The mouthwatering dish is bursting with flavours that are sure to tempt your taste buds. Any Indian wedding must include biryani. This meal will provide a wonderful change from all the chicken dishes when served with lamb meat.

It can be made as hot as you like. But its natural flavour will also entice your friends to the board. After all, your guests are sure to be drawn to this traditional Indian dish. We at Sula also provide solutions if you require dairy-free or gluten-free biryani so that your visitors will be satisfied.

5. The fifth dish is onion bhaji.

Your customers will always wait in line for hours to get their fair amount of onion bhajia, no matter how long the line is in front of this contour. It is something that guarantees everyone at your wedding will be happy and keeps space open for the main course as well. Furthermore, you may always be secure and impress your guests with this delectable dish.

It’s a well-known cuisine that looks good on a plate unlike anything else. Therefore, be sure to include this spicy Indian cuisine on your wedding menu.

6. Chicken Tikka 

tikka masala

One of the most popular meals when it comes to Indian food catering is chicken tikka. The majority of the countries have a well-known dish from this cuisine. Nearly every occasion is catered by Indian caterers from around the world with chicken tikka. Before it is cooked in the tandoor, the chicken is mixed with a variety of Indian spices.

7. Dal Makhani

Tol Makhni

Rice and dal are essential components of every main dish in India. A delectable Indian dish called Dal Makhani is made with a combination of basic ingredients including black lentil, red kidney beans, butter, and cream. It is from the Punjab area of India. The recipe is famous for its rich flavour, which is enhanced by the use of cream, yoghurt, or milk. This meal is served at every Indian wedding.

These are a few of the most well-liked foods that might be offered at your wedding. At Sula, we not only serve you delectable food to you, but we also provide Indian catering services. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about catering or meals when you make a reservation with us.

The cuisine is important at weddings, especially Indian weddings. After the wedding, the first question we get is, “How was the food?” Our sole objective is to feed and satisfy the palates of each and every guest at your wedding.


The distinguished guests are served some delectable meals during a large fat Indian wedding. The traditional methods of serving guests have been superseded in modern times by professional wedding caterers. Additionally, a wide variety of exotic foods are currently scorching up the countertops at wedding venues.

Therefore, we have compiled some of the most well-known meals to be served at your wedding if you are seeking for some mouthwatering Indian foods with amazing wedding catering in Vancouver. Give it a go! Sula can also bring meals right to your door. Buy Right Now!

Popular Indian Recipes That Have Captivated Foodies’ Hearts

Without a question, Indian food has won the hearts of people all over the world. Indian cuisine is incredibly flavorful and can simultaneously taste sour, sweet, spicy, and acidic. In India, each region has a distinct regional cuisine that is specific to that area. Indian food is unique and interesting since it combines a broad variety of spices, pulses, flavours, and cereals.

Below is a list of some of Vancouver’s most well-liked Indian recipes that have won over Canadians.

Butter chicken, first and foremost

When it comes to wonderful tapovan sweets & restaurant menu food, butter chicken has to come in first. With naan, this sizzling chicken dish is delicious. It is a mildly spicy, creamy red gravy that has a remarkable amount of taste. Punjab is thought to be the dish’s original location. In India, various eateries and homes each have their own distinct approach to it. Without a doubt, it is among the most popular Indian dishes. Furthermore, if you live in Vancouver, you may enjoy this dish in any of the city’s top Indian restaurants.

Chaat Papri chaat 2.

One of the most well-liked types of Indian street food is chaat. Chaat is so beloved among subcontinental foodies that occasionally sanitation is put on the back burner (in a good way). In India, booths and food carts are frequently where one can find it. India’s street food, which also includes gol gappa (panipuri), Tikki, pav bhaji, vada pav, etc., cannot be imagined without. The list might go on forever.

3. Veggie Samosa Samosa Samosas are stuffed with a savoury filling of mashed potatoes, onion, and peas or, in some cases, lentils. They are made from all-purpose flour, or maida as it is known locally. The shape might vary according on the region and culture, but it is typically fashioned in a triangle shape. Vegetable oil is used to deep-fry the entire pastry until it turns golden brown. Another mouthwatering Indian street food snack has to be included.

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