Makeup And Skin: How To Stay Clear Without Sacrificing A Full Face

While doing makeup adds to your appearance, putting on too much or not following the proper aftercare steps can cause negative effects. In some cases, it can even cause a type of acne known as acne cosmetica. These are small bumps and clogged pores on the skin’s surface. 

Although it may seem unnecessary, there are essential things you need to keep in mind to avoid getting acne. First, you must check the labels of the cosmetics to avoid applying acne-causing ingredients. Then it would help if you clean makeup brushes correctly and more often than you may assume. 

Pimples may ruin your day, and although they are natural and happens to almost everyone, there are those you can avoid. Finally, many causes of acne include not washing your face, genetics, and hormonal fluctuations. Therefore, understanding what causes acne is important and how to treat it.

Check your labels often

There are those ingredients you need to avoid in all cases. Such offenders include;

  • Synthetic perfumes and essential oils. You should avoid products with ingredients such as perfume or fragrance should. This should be the same with essential oils that irritate your skin or encourage acne.
  • Products with sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium chloride should be avoided at all costs. This is because they worsen skin irritation by damaging the skin’s protective barrier.
  • You should also eliminate products with alcohol, especially SD Alcohol 40, Ethanol, or Denatured alcohol.
  • Products with coconut oil and coconut butter moisturize the body. However, they are extremely comedogenic and clog your pores when applied to the skin directly.

Clean brushes for a clear face

You probably have a cabinet full of cosmetics with ingredients such as Isopropyl Palmitate that you think will help you keep clean of acne. However, there has been no difference since you have been applying them with a dirty blush. How many times do you clean your brushes?

Do you wait until they clog so as you clean them? Washing your brushes thoroughly is something you need to do often to avoid acne. During the cleaning, use a cleanser specially made for cleaning brushes. However, in case you do not have it, a gentle shampoo such as a baby shampoo can be effective. 

Massage and swirl the brushes to clean the built-up makeup. Then rinse and lay them out flat to dry. Do not dry the brushes with the handle facing down since water can penetrate the glue and deteriorate the adhesive. If the acne does not clear, it would be wise to consult a dermatologist for advice.

Wash your face before bed

Even if you are tired, washing your face before bed should be a priority. Wash your face 30 to 45 seconds every night with face wash and ensure to moisturize it. This way, you will be clearing acne and reducing its appearance.  

Use gentle cleansing devices.

While cleaning the face is essential, it’s wise to use gentle cleansing devices. This way, you will wash away dead skin without damaging your skin. It would help if you avoided tools such as washcloths, loofahs, or rough sponges. This is because they may cause damage and irritation. Instead, use soft cleansing brushes or your fingers to massage the cleansers on your face.  

Cleaning your face is an integral part of the day that needs to be taken seriously. Taking care of your skin will help you reduce and clear any acne. 

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