How to Draw Buyers Closer You

Every salesperson wants to have a relationship with a buyer that cannot be duplicated by their competitors. Salespeople try numerous strategies, few work effectively, until now.
Research into neuroscience has provided great insight into how our brain functions. As salespeople we need to know what this means in a sales context. Sales will change the relationship between yourself and the buyer because it is based on biology and not psychology.
Our brains are most comfortable when operating in autopilot. We also feel relaxed when in this state. Repeated conscious thoughts and actions are not stored in our conscious mind but transferred to our subconscious where autopilot happens. Example, have you ended up at an address you normally go to, but on the day planned to be somewhere else? Your subconscious mind took you there whilst you were preoccupied with other conscious thoughts.

To save energy our brain uses shortcuts to make decisions to solve problems quickly. If the buyer perceives you to be the same as your competitors they will switch to autopilot. If a buyer cannot see anything new, intriguing or different in you, or the product/service or the organisation their brain will go into the default mode. This means they will emotionally detach and will more than likely give you a price objection to create differentiation between you and your competitors.
As salespeople we need to be aware of three components of the brain:

The Primal Brain
This is the most primitive part of the brain and is in control of our instinctive and automatic self-preserving behaviors. The thinking rational brain, the neocortex, shuts down when the primal brain is dominate. It is driven by the fight or flight or freeze response to a threat either perceived or real. In sales this could be disguised as an objection such as “I will think about it.”

The Mammalian Brain
Also known as the Limbic system it is the center of emotions and learning and where ‘gut’ feelings come from, trust and loyalty. The system evaluates everything as either pleasure or pain. Sales presentations need to focus on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to connect to the mammalian brain.

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