Best Gaming Sports News in Vietnam

Having a reliable and up to date cá độ bóng đá website with the latest gaming and sports news in Vietnam is very important for gamers. Not only will this help you keep track of the hottest events, it will also ensure that you don’t miss out on any information that might be important to your gaming career. It also means that you can get some great advice on your gaming skills.


Among the many online sports news websites in Vietnam, YeuTheThao is one of the most popular. This website provides extensive coverage of sports events in Vietnam and across the world. It also has an active forum where users can talk about sports. The site is updated regularly and has a large video library. It also features an interactive sports prediction game. The website has a mobile version and an iPhone app.

Another popular sports news site in Vietnam is EightX. It provides a wide range of sports news, including information on the latest international competitions and top teams in Vietnam. The website also has an extensive video library and archive of breaking news stories. The content is updated regularly and written by vetted journalists. Its audience is very large and it receives over 16 million unique visitors each month. The site is available in both English and Vietnamese.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the fastest growing sports news websites in Vietnam. It features articles, a forum, videos, live scoring, and a comprehensive database of breaking news stories. It’s also available in Vietnamese and English. It also provides tickets and refund management.

The website also features a forum that allows users to interact with each other and sports stars. It also has a large video library and mobile application. It is the largest sports news site in Vietnam and receives over 16 million unique visitors per month. The site’s content is updated on a regular basis.

There are also a number of online sports news websites that provide detailed information on the latest games. Some also feature live reports and predictions. Others offer video content and communities of fans. Some websites even offer betting games.

Thao 247

Xem the Thai 789 is a Vietnamese site that offers live scores, news and articles about local sports. Among its plethora of features are a prediction game and a credit system for refunds. You can also get your fill of football and volleyball news with this site.

The site is operated by YeuTheThao, a sports media cá độ bóng đá company based in Vietnam. It is also the home of the ViettelTV SEA Cup, the largest PES tournament in Vietnam. There are two prize pools for the tournament, with the top prize being worth a tidy VND 120 million.

The site also has a comprehensive sports news section, containing articles and videos on a variety of sports. It also has a section devoted to the Vietnam football news. The website is updated frequently, so be sure to check back for all the latest updates.

YouSport 8X

Whether you’re a fan of football, volleyball, tennis or any other sports, YouSport 8X can provide you with the latest sports news and events in Vietnam. You can also purchase tickets and participate in online games, discussions and other activities. You can also earn prizes by predicting the outcome of certain games.

YouSport 8X is Vietnam’s largest sports news website. With a readership of over 16 million a month, it is updated 24 hours a day and offers live scores and reports of major sporting events. The website also features videos and articles written by verified professionals. You can also participate in sports betting games and live wagering.

League of Legend

Among the online gaming sports news in Vietnam are the Vietnamese League of Legends team GAM Esports and the first foreign player to join their team, Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung. Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung is a former top laner from the South Korean T1 team. He was also a part of the South Korean team that won the LoL Worlds.

Among the esports online gaming sports news in Vietnam is the fact that the country’s esports industry is gaining global recognition. This is a great opportunity for Vietnamese teams to be more recognized and competitive in international tournaments.

The most popular online game in Vietnam is League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game. League of Legends is licensed by Garena, which puts on various eSports tournaments. Garena is a huge online game operator in the Southeast Asia region. In the last year, Vietnam’s gaming market grew 28.4 percent, making it the second biggest market in Southeast Asia. The revenue of the gaming market was estimated at $237 million last year.

Arena of Valor

Despite the huge popularity of Arena of Valor in Asia, Vietnam is not a major player in the game’s international scene. Nonetheless, industry insiders are optimistic about the future of Vietnamese esports. They believe that Vietnam is destined to become the next regional esports hub.

In September 2018, Arena of Valor grossed over $140 million outside China. It was also nominated for Best Competitive Game at the Golden Joystick Awards. The game has reached over 100 million daily active users in China.

It is unclear whether or not the game has reached a large number of players in the United States. However, a recent report by Appota estimates that Vietnam has roughly 18 million esports players. In addition, Appota estimates that Vietnam has tens of millions of 3G subscribers and about eight million viewers of live esports streams.

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