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Many fashion trends never go out of style, no matter how many generation changes, it just gains more love from everyone. You must have seen your mother or your grandmother wearing pleated dresses, mufflers, scarves, and many others. From their teenage till now they have been watching this trend winning everyone’s hearts. And there is no doubt that everyone will carry forward this trend. If subtle colors are your choice then go through our guide to know what you can go for this winter season. 

Add Some Pleats

Pleated skirts are one of the fashion trends that have continued to grab the attention of almost everyone from the 80s till now. They are very easy to carry out, as you can pair them up with almost everything. In winter, add on a pair of stockings or long socks. Moreover, to have an idea of how to style yourself, then have a quick look at a fashion tip. With a mini, mid, or long pleated skirt, either go for a shirt, crop sweater, oversized t-shirt, jacket, and a few others. In addition, you can go for a pair of high fancy socks, boots or heels. A little bit of pop of color in socks or any other accessory can change your attire and make everything  

And in summer, just add on a casual t-shirt or a crop top. And you are set to go out for any event during the day. For instance, if you want to wear this for a party then wear a sheer top and put on some bold makeup with minimal jewelry. 

But while you are purchasing pleated skirts for winter at that time go for tweed fabric. As it will provide you with all the warmth as this fabric comes from wool. And for summers you can go for any fabric that is light in weight and is highly breathable, or other cloth will make you sweat. 

Maxi Vests

Maxi vests come in a variety of patterns, but in this, we are referring to the type of vests that almost look like trench coats but are not. Wrap-around, open-from-the-front, and closed maxi vests are some of the most popular fashion trends. The best outfit for winter, as these are made up of poplin fabric or sometimes leather. So go for leather in winter and poplin in summer as it is a breathable and lightweight fabric that doesn’t trap air. You can easily style your maxi dress with a pair of stockings and high heel boots. And style it open or wrap up according to your preference with a pair of ankle boots or high-thigh boots. Moreover, if you want to add some accessories then only go for a pair of earrings and a clutch or sling bag. Along with casual wear, you can use them as formal wear also. 

Change Your Look With Scarves

Scarves are not just an accessory, because designers have given us ways to level up our looks through different styles of draping methods. For instance, the trend these days is of covering the front and then adding a belt to it. With a help of this draping method, you can easily hide your ordinary clothes and give them a new touch, or you can even just wrap them around your neck. Moreover, with a plain dress or jeans, you can even go for a printed scarf, to add some colors to your attire. But while you are purchasing scarves, buy them according to the season, in winter go for wool, and in summer you can go for any airy fabric.

Fur Is Love

Winter is half complete without furry clothes. Along with warmth, they give you the looks that you long for. But if you are allergic to furs and can’t wear a jacket or coat that is fully covered with furs. Then you can go for an alternative that is opt for jackets or blazers that have furs only on borders. In this way, you can flaunt your looks as well as you won’t feel allergic. You can pair them with jeans or even dresses.  Go for furry clothes as they are slowly becoming fashion trends that will stay till many seasons.

Have Everything At One Place!

Winters are here and many of you must still be thinking about what to design for your next collection. From sweaters to hoodies, coats, jackets, mufflers, and blazers there are so many things. But every time to make your brand stand out from others you have to customize them. For that, you can stop your worries as you can craft your next collection with Fabriclore. If you are a private label, designer, or enterprise then start designing and customization, to make your next season’s collection unique. For the past few years, we are serving the textile industry with certified fabrics that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable. So that your collection can have a longer life, and people don’t have to buy cheap quality clothes that will last only for a few days.

Moreover, there is no limit for buying, from wholesale fabric to retail at a very reasonable cost, you can have everything in hand without any delays. Furthermore, fabrics such as denim, tweed, poplin, silk, cotton, polyester, rayon, viscose, organza, taffeta, and many more with varied patterns and colors are available. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry if you are sitting miles away, because distance doesn’t matter when there is a great desire to have trusted fabrics. Because our fast and safe delivery services along with India are also available in the USA, UK, and Canada.       

So get your fabric customized for your business purposes or even for personal use and make your collection stand out from others.

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