Learn, How Land Area Calculation Become Easy Now Days

Why is Land Area Calculation Important?

A financial emergency can happen anytime and to anyone. If you are the owner of a commercial, residential or non-agricultural property, you can easily avail of a loan against the property to handle such a situation. Since interest rates for such loans are lower compared to others, many opt for this type of loan. But, do you know the actual measurement of the land against which you want to avail of the loan or on which you want to build a home? If not, the builder can definitely take you for a ride while converting it to a unit of his convenience. A land area calculator can help solve all your problems. Sometimes we may need to know the area of land or plot for buying, selling, or constructing a house or building, etc.

How do Land Area calculations?

A land area can be calculated in any unit. This is done by multiplying the length and breadth of the land. To measure an irregular piece of land, segment all the possible rectangles and triangles and use the given formula:

Land Area Measurement = Sum of the area of all rectangles + Sum of the area of all triangles

What is an Area Conversion Calculator?

An area conversion calculator is a modern online tool that lets you convert the unit of measurement and helps in land area calculation in the units required, An area converter is an online measurement conversion tool that is simple to use and easy to understand. You need this tool to calculate your loan against property eligibility, where the area of the property plays an important role. Even the loan against property documents requires you to mention the property area in desired units. This is where the area converter comes into play. It is a user-friendly tool where you just enter the value for the area that you intend to convert, select its measurement unit, and then select the unit you wish to convert to. You will have your answer in seconds!

The land converter calculator helps you convert units into common units, such as Bigha, Kattha, Chatak, Lecha, Killa, Biswansi, Decimal, and Dhur, whichever is applicable in a particular area. It is thus always a good idea to use an area converter or land area calculator to ensure accurate and quick results when doing land area calculation.

Why Do We Need Land Area Conversion? 

For example, you are availing of a loan against a piece of land whose measurement you know is in kilometres squared (km2), but the lender wants to know its measure in hectares. Then, what to do? Do you remember the formulas for converting a measurement to other units? None of us can do such tedious and difficult calculations manually. This is where the area conversion calculator comes in handy for quick area conversion calculations.

Benefits of the Land Area Conversion Calculator for Online Calculation:

  • ​This tool provides error-free, instant land area conversions
  • Using the Area Conversion Calculator helps one convert values to lesser-known land metrics used in the different states and parts of our country
  • Using the Area Conversion Calculator helps you make informed property-related decisions with full knowledge about the land’s actual valuation, especially while availing of a mortgage loan, etc.

Common Conversion Units in India:

Various conversion units are used in different parts of our country. Using an area converter calculator, you can find a unit value equivalent to the local term. Some commonly used units here are:

1. Square Feet

Square feet, Sq. ft., or ft2, is the area of a square plot of land whose sides measure 1 foot. India and some other countries use this unit of measurement for plots of land.

2. Square Meter

It is the standard international unit of measuring the area of the floor or ground and is acknowledged worldwide. It is often written as m². 

3. Square Yards

This also represents the area of a square, each side of which measures 3 feet (1 yard). This was the standard unit of measurement before square meters. It is still used in places like India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

4. Hectare

Hectare is a unit of measurement of a square with each side measuring 100 meters. It is mainly used to measure huge geographical areas, land, agricultural fields, forests, etc. It is denoted by “ha”

5. Acre

An acre is an area that is 1 furlong long and 4 rods wide. This unit is used to measure lands of different shapes, like circular, rectangular, pentagonal, and so on. 

6. Bigha

India’s oldest and most traditional unit of measurement is the bigha, which is used particularly in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand. Land area measurements in Bigha differ from one state to another. Pakka or pucca bigha is commonly used in Rajasthan and parts of Bihar, UP, and Uttarakhand, while Bachchan bigha is used by landlords.

Summing up-

This land area calculation is important whether you are buying, selling, or constructing anything on a piece of land. So, use the converter tool and make accurate calculations easily and in no time.

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