Personalized Blankets Using Infusible Ink

Personalizing are a few things that’s extremely popular for gift giving as a result of it permits that person to attach with the gift. It permits for one thing that’s otherwise normal and ancient to be the star of the show. Gift recipients of all ages will appreciate one thing that was created only for them. On the opposite hand, generally personalization serves a sensible purpose, like labeling bins for garments or shoes to stay organized, or in my case, creating custom blankets for every of my youngsters so that they don’t got to share with each other. This call was an enormous problem-solver for my family.

Table of Contents

  1. Infusible Ink vs. Heat Transfer Vinyl
  2. Blanket Materials
  3. Designing your blanket
  4. Cutting Cricut Infusible Ink
  5. Application to your blanket

Infusible Ink vs. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

You may raise why you’d wish to use one medium over another once engaged on a personalised blanket. There ar many key variations between exploitation HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and Cricut Infusible Ink. i like exploitation heat transfer vinyl for shirts, wood comes, canvas, and, primarily something that I will with success apply heat to. however once operating with materials like fleece, flannel, faux fur, cashmere, or wool. Also know about Embroidery Digitizing

The materials ar soft and also the fibers will move in multiple directions together with your bit. after you apply HTV over high of these fuzzy materials, the vinyl doesn’t give the natural movement of these materials, making stiffness on the blanket. What i like concerning exploitation Circuit Infusible Ink is that it permits for the transfer of your image onto the fabric while not compromising the softness and integrity of what’s underneath the ink. It will n’t apply a layer of further material on high of the fibers the means HTV does. Personally, what i like concerning Infusible Ink is that there’s an outsized kind of stunning patterns out there to settle on from yet.

What materials work best with Infusible Ink?

Infusible Ink can transfer best onto high-count polyester materials. This ensures that the image are going to be bright, colorful, and can last the lifespan of the blanket. whereas you’ll transfer a picture onto cotton or different materials, the standard and resonance of the image ar compromised.


Fleece could be a polyester mix that’s tightly plain-woven and comes in several textures, colors, and patterns. It is comparatively cheap and makes a superb selection for personalized blankets exploitation Infusible Ink.


Cotton could be a common material used for manufacturing blankets. The ink within the Infusible Ink transfer sheets don’t with chemicals bond to cotton and so, don’t transfer well and don’t face up to recurrent laundry. i attempted this method on a 100% cotton bed linen and whereas the image transferred, the black color of the ink was gray once the warmth transfer. once one laundry, the ink was nearly utterly gone from the bed linen. i’d not advocate exploitation Infusible Ink on cotton.


Wool, cashmere, and angora ar among several textile fibers that ar made up of animals. Wool comes from sheep and isn’t made up of fleece or cotton materials. I had a try of wool socks that i attempted exploitation Infusible Ink on, to check the method. My results were that Infusible ink transferred well and washed while not attenuation, thus i’d advocate wool for Infusible Ink. Finding wool blankets that ar heat and comfy is a challenge, however. Most of the wool blankets in my house ar serious, thick, and used for moving piece of furniture.


Like wool, cashmere is formed from animal fibers. Cashmere comes from the coat of some breeds of goats. in contrast to wool, it’s terribly expensive and would be a awfully high-end personalised gift, thus I didn’t take a look at cashmere with Infusible Ink.

Mink Material:

There ar many mink-like materials that ar over eightieth polyester and can work well for personalised blankets. several ultra-soft baby blankets ar a high-polyester count and work nice for Infusible Ink.


was my selection for personalised blankets supported the value, simple finding within the store, and most spirited, skilled results.

Designs for your blanket

When selecting blankets for my youngsters, I wished to stay it easy and simply add their names to the corner of every blanket. I conjointly purchased the blankets in several colours, so that they may simply distinguish that was their blanket. I found fleece throw blankets once the vacations on sale for some bucks every, thus it created for a awfully cheap gift item.

I have seen several terrific blanket concepts on-line that were rather more artistic than mine. one or two of my favorites ar found below.

These stunning baby tag blankets ar a good gift for a replacement baby or expecting folks. Also check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery Digitizing Service

Cutting Infusible Ink

Using Infusible Ink is far totally different than HTV, however has some similarities. They each need mirroring the image before they’re cut, and each have to be compelled to be weedless before they’re applied to the fabric. Infusible Ink needs rather more time and warmth than HTV will, however. this permits the ink to run into the fibers of the fabric that you simply ar exploitation and build a attraction.

When you ar finished coming up with the image in Cricut style area and ar able to cut follow the straightforward steps below for the most effective success. As shown within the image below, once you produce your image in style area, weld the words along in order that after they ar cut, they’re a fluid words with no cut marks between the letters, as this can be a awfully visible mistake after you press your image onto the blanket.

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