Reducing Environmental Impact Is Now A Business Imperative

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.”Margaret Mead.

This quotation beautifully sums up the importance of the environment. Our society, ourselves, and our whole lives are greatly dependent upon the kind of environment we live in and it is only now that people are starting to realize the importance of the environment. Even though; already a lot of damage has been done but it is better to be late than never which is why people are starting to take steps in any which way possible to save or sustain the environment.

Many Environmental Science Research Topics have been conducted and actions are being taken on an individual as well as on a communal level. Business owners also have an important role in this which can help in the sustenance of the environment. It has now become a necessity for businesses as well to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

Environmental sustainability:

Environmental sustainability can be defined as the protection of the environment to avoid the depletion of natural resources, to make sure that if the environment cannot be improved then at least it can be sustained at the same pace as now so that future generations won’t have to struggle. It perfectly balances the needs of society as well as the natural resources that are being provided by the earth.

Obviously; natural resources have to be used to carry out the daily functions of human life. However; these must be used in a healthy way. The following are the key factors that help in making the environment sustainable:

  • Use of green & public transport.
  • Sustainable industrialization/businesses.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Behavioral change
  • Waste recycling.
  • Use of renewable energy.

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Inter-relation of environmental impact and business prosperity:

The environment acts as an external factor that affects the business and has control over it so a   business needs to mold itself as per the environmental conditions. Business managers and strategists have to consider the factor of an environment before planning anything related to business. Following are some of the main factors that directly affect the supply chain of any business;

  • Climate change.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Pollution level.

People are faced with climatic disorders with each passing day which is an alarming situation for organizations and businesses. This is why they are now taking steps to re-examine the purposes and priorities of their respective businesses.

Why is it important for businesses to reduce environmental impact?

Business managers and administrators are beginning to understand the business imperative regarding environmental changes.  Following are some of the main reasons for businesses taking this factor seriously;

  • Business executives know that today’s generation is more inclined toward business that is focused on the reduction of environmental impact. Do you know that American youth is known to be spending 7 hours online per day? And this fact should not be considered wrong by the rest of the world too (dissertationwritinghelp, 2022). So they are well aware of the fact that which business is following eco-friendly strategies.
  • Youth have come to the streets against organizations that are adversely affecting the environment because they know that they have to save the environment for future generations.
  • If a certain business is less dependent upon natural resources then there are better chances of the business surviving through climatic changes than its competitors.

How Businesses can reduce the environmental impact?

As online shopping is becoming progressively more efficient as technology continues to advance, apparel e-tailors have adapted to further create eco-friendly business models that reduce or even reverse negative environmental effects (Chi, 2017). Different businesses can adopt different ways to improve environmental conditions. Following are some of the ways that can easily be adapted;

  • Reducing paper waste can really help in reducing the environmental impact as most of the office work is done through paper so businesses can shift to the digital medium for that.
  • Conservation of energy is another key factor that can help in conserving the environment. There are various ways through which energy can be conserved including the use of energy-efficient equipment, the setting of a central thermostat, etc. 
  • Recycling is the oldest and still the best way to save natural resources.
  • Educating the employees and management about the importance of environmental sustainability can also play a vital role in reducing environmental impact.
  • Strategies of working only with people who support the save earth motto can also prove to be useful in supporting the cause. 

The advantages of eco-friendly businesses:

Besides proving to be advantageous for the environment, there are other benefits of boosting eco-friendly businesses as well. Some of them are as below;

  • When a business recycles products then it not only saves the environment but also saves the cost by avoiding the use of new materials.
  • Nowadays; consumers have become more inclined towards businesses that support the “save environment” cause so you will have more customers.
  • Sudden and unforeseen natural disasters won’t affect your eco-friendly business as adversely as the ones that are totally dependent upon the excessive use of natural resources.
  • The eco-friendly business can easily manage climatic catastrophes.
  • They play an important part in sustaining the environment for today as well as for future generations.


It is only now that people are realizing the importance of the environment and are fighting to support its cause or movement. Businesses also need to take steps for the earth’s improvement. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in understanding the importance of reducing environmental impacts on a business imperative.


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