How to Create Puff Or 3D Embroidery

Puffy Foam is generally used to reap 3-D-like embroidery. It may be very famous commercially for emblems on caps and backpacks, however as you could see with inside the tulip layout I created for this article, you could embroider it in a ornamental system to offer your layout a further dimension.

Digitizing for puffy foam may be a piece greater technical than your every day digitizing, however in case you make certain you comply with a few rules, it’s now no longer definitely that complicated. This may be carried out without difficulty with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer.

What is Puff or 3-D embroidery?

Puff or 3-D embroidery is an embroidery manner wherein we upload a bit of froth this is positioned beneath the embroidery in order that it could be lifted or 3-D made an appearance. It is known as Puff or 3-D embroidery. Puff or 3-D embroidery works pleasant on a hat or may be used for apparel like jackets that aren’t washed often.

This isn’t typically the case encouraged for a garment that may be washed regularly or positioned in a dryer. It is likewise now no longer encouraged for garments which can be dry-cleaned. This will purpose the froth to fall apart throughout the drying manner or dry cleansing procedures because of the chemical substances used.

Which form of foam to apply?

There are many foam merchandise available in the marketplace however you need to be cautious in which do you purchase them? They have 2 mm, three mm, and four mm foam. I use a 3mm product. I get the pleasant outcomes from it and it offers me the excessive loft that I want and my clients have continually been very glad with it. Embroidery deliver distributor, now no longer craft store. Your foam ought to be designed for embroidery. This foam may be very distinctive and could react differently.

I purchase my foam at SM Crystal in Buffalo, NY. They promote it in one-color programs and multi-color programs so that you have a lot of fundamental colors in hand. And also know about sublimation printing.

How do I stitch a puff / 3-D embroidery layout?

The manner of embroidering with puffy fonts, emblems, and designs is a piece distinctive from everyday embroidery, however now no longer greater difficult. First of all, recognize that the use of 3-D Puff has greater fee and greater stitches with inside the layout. It’s as clean as stitching:

  • Sew all of your flat embroidery first.
  • Make a forestall with inside the system after your ultimate flat piece
  • Place the puff at the region you need to stitch and restart the system.
  • Sew a border round your puff region.
  • Remove extra puff material
  • Complete the layout and clean the extra puff foam material.

Some fundamental recommendations to get began out with 3-D embroidery:

Digitizing is crucial. You will want to use lengthy stitches to fill the gap that the froth is taking. We advocate the use of software program inclusive of Puffy Fonts to simplify yourself. There can be a few trial and blunders on this a part of the layout, so make the effort to test.

Learn a way to application stops for your system. You ought to be capable of forestall after a sure color change.

Keep the froth down and use tape or sticky tech spray to maintain it in area. Once the primary stitches have long past into the froth, you don’t ought to fear approximately shifting on.

Foam works pleasant on designs with correct underlay borders and satin stitches throughout the froth. Note that no layout may be carried out in foam. For example, heavy filling stitches or too many underlays at the foam won’t supply the preferred shape.

Using a pointy needle can assist smooth up the froth. Make positive to apply the backing which you typically do on a layout. This form of embroidery calls for assist to stabilize.

Stabilizer Used for 3-D Embroidery

If you’re embroidering 3-D foam on hats, I might advocate the use of a tear o stabilizer. Since it’s far a cap and does now no longer have a great deal flexibility, the stabilizer is the very best to tear (therefore the name). Hats also are now no longer typically washed a great deal, which facilitates with inside the toughness of the froth. The much less you wash, the longer the froth will ultimate.

If you’re the use of 3-D foam on whatever wearable, I’d advocate the use of a cutaway mesh. As I continually say, “If you put on it, don’t tear it.” I won’t use a display mesh, so that you don’t see it via apparel.

How to Create Puff or 3-D Embroidery

  1. Run the everyday embroidered factors first – With the “foam” layout, you want to run the everyday embroidered factors first. All embroidery legacy designs are designed with this in thoughts.
  2. Stop the system – Once all of the everyday embroidery colors are carried out, your coloring statistics sheet will provide you with the recommended color of the thread after which the word “foam”. Upon attaining this color change, the layout ought to visit the pinnacle of the layout, and also you ought to forestall your system.
  3. Lay the froth – At this point, you’ll area the froth with inside the regions in which the embroidery might be carried out. (Always attempting pleasant to apply the identical colors of thread and foam every time possible).
  4. Sew take-down stitches – The first stitches on the lowest are “take-down” stitches to stable the froth with inside the fabric.
  5. Continue stitching – then, the layout will continue to do away with all regions of the froth.
  6. Remove the froth – now which you are equipped to do away with the froth, it ought to be without difficulty torn with designs which have been well digitized.
  7. Done! – Now you already know a way to do foam embroidery.

Step By Step How To Digitize Puff or 3-D Embroidery

Step 1:

Digitize the everyday embroidered factors of the primary layout, putting the stuffed regions and white letters down as you commonly might. Once you’ve removed those factors, application a forestall on the pinnacle of your embroidery field. This permits you to maintain the froth down whilst the stitching head is out of the manner. If you insist on seeking to make equipped-made hats, you’ll application your forestall toward the pinnacle of the hat, so there may be no manner to stitch heads.

Step 2:

Before placing the froth down, supply it a short shot of adhesive spray to lessen motion whilst handling the lowest. Remember foam is available in distinctive colours. Try to healthy the colours of your foam and thread as carefully as possible.

Step 3:

Using guide stitching, I might typically reduce down the layout from the inner out. With connection with the “Zeyda’s” logo, I did a guide sew at the “d” and “s” to stabilize the froth factors earlier than sincerely beginning the “Z”.

Step 4:

Once you’ve got got decreased the “Z”, you want to cautiously area the underlay approximately .2 mm farfar from the outer column. The fee of the underlay ought to be set to one mm. This will assist to drill the froth earlier than the column seam is going down.

Step 5:

With foam, you now no longer simplest ought to fear approximately the bottom column, however you furthermore may ought to “reduce” the ends of your columns. This will provide you with a neat and smooth reduce whilst you do away with the froth. You need to digitize your “end” earlier than beginning your column.

Step 6:

Density is the important thing to cleansing foam. Everyone’s software program is barely distinctive from the language values, so I’ll try and clear up it in percent terms. If your ordinary fee turned into 100%, the froth might require 50-40�nsity, two times the quantity of stitches commonly required.

Step 7:

Repeat those steps for every letter or detail till all your foam regions are complete. As you could see, there are numerous greater steps, and it’s crucial to comply with the underlay and the columns correctly. Digitizing on my own is greater arduous than everyday digitizing. Then don’t thoughts your modifying session.


Using puffy embroidery foam is a awesome manner to sell your stitches, giving your layout a 3-D impact and feel. When the use of 3-D foam embroidery designs, take into account to apply a truly digitized layout for this use to make sure the protection of your system and apparel. And Also Check out zdigitizing custom embroidery digitizing.

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