How To Choose The Right Influencers in Sports and Fitness [Infographic]

Whether you sell fitness products just one good endorsement from a reliable source can trump even your most superbly written copy or most engaging video demo. And while brand-crafted content is beneficial and can improve trust with customers, often the most influential content arises from like-minded individuals who your customers know and trust.

Despite its apparent benefits, influencer marketing is a wasted investment if you are not utilizing the ideal people. And while it’s tempting to utilize single-metric explanations like unique visitors or Twitter followers as a measure of influence, it’s essential to look deeper.

The answer to the question “How To Choose The Right Influencers in Sports and Fitness?” is “it depends.” As a leading influencer marketing agency, Talent Resources point out five things in this infographic to look for when identifying influencers for your sports and fitness brand. View more –

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