Roku Tech Support Number +1844*539*9831 Roku customer service

Roku Tech Support Number +18445399831 Roku customer service

One of the most popular digital media players for transforming a normal HD TV into a Smart TV is the Roku Device. Users can then use the internet to listen to and watch audio and video from a variety of streaming sources. In this article, we’ll discuss about solutions to fix almost all roku tv issues with easy troubleshooting steps. Follow the below mentioned steps one by one and see which one worked for you the best.

Reset Roku TV

This the first method in which we’ll reboot the Roku Tv and try if to fix the issue. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • Reset your Roku Tv using your Roku remote. First of all press home button five times and then up button once. Now, press rewind button twice and then fast forward button twice. Press them at once faster, your tv screen may act crazy for about 20 seconds and afterwards its successfully reboot.
  • If you don’t want to mess around with your remote then you can also just unplug the power source and then wait for about 30 seconds and re-plug it back. This will also reboot your Roku TV.
  • Once you go through the reboot of your system, maybe an application glitches out or froze or something like that only. It will fix almost all roku tv issues, but if that doesn’t get the job done for what you need to fix your device.

Good Internet Connection

The Second method is to fix your internet and check if it has a strong connection. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • Go to the homepage in your Roku TV. Now, scroll down to the settings.
  • After getting into setting, go to networks and then you can see the signal strength. Signal strength should be always good or excellent always for a barrier free streaming. In case you have a weaker or poor signal strength that could be a big problem for you.
  • Also, you have to make sure that the status of internet says Connected only. If it shows not connected then it will also become a major issue while streaming.
  • Now click on the option- Check Connection and it will started checking you internet connectivity quality. Make sure you see two green checks on your screen indicating Wireless connection and internet connection was successful.
  • Its one of the best solution that will fix almost all roku tv issues. Once you make sure that you have good internet connectivity, just move on to the next step.

Update Roku TV

The third method is System update, sometimes the roku stop working because it has a old version of roku and a system update will fix almost all roku tv issues. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • In your Roku Tv, Go to the home screen and scroll down to the settings area.
  • Now, scroll down and navigate to the option- System. Scroll down to the System update and click on it to get the latest software update on your TV. Click on Check Update and then if it shows any latest update, click on continue to get it.
  • The system updating process will take a bit time, depending upon the speed of your internet. When update is completed, your Roku Tv will restart on its own. This is a super quick troubleshoot solution which is recommended to fix almost all roku tv issues.

Contact Roku Customer Support  to Fix Almost All Roku TV Issues

After trying all the above troubleshoot steps, if you still face unable to fix your roku tv concern. Then you must contact Roku technical customer support telephonically at 1 844-539-9831 or visit them on The company’s customer care staff believes in assisting clients in any situation by providing the finest answer available. Customers can reach out to the technical support team via email, chat, or phone. Roku have experienced technical persons which are highly expertise in resolving you small to small concerns and queries.

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