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Norton Antivirus Login Norton Antivirus is the best way to secure your system. It is very easy to login into the Norton Antivirus. It bitterly acts on the infected area and removes all the harmful files from the computer. In this blog, you are going to learn about its Necessary system requirements, login process, and Login error faced by the users and its procedures to eliminate it. Just stick to this article. System Requirements needed: Some of the requirements needed by the Norton antivirus are: Make sure that no antivirus is installed. Ram recommended 2 GB but this antivirus uses up to 50 GB. Set a difficult password. Only 100-450 MB space is needed for its download. All the operating system are well suitable for its installation. Login process The login process is very simple and the steps are mentioned below: Firstly you have to check that no other antivirus is installed prior. If you already have a Norton antivirus then uninstall it. Open the Norton antivirus or visit the official site of the company i.e. visit the option “Build a Norton account”.You will be diverted to a new page named Registration.Enter the correct mobile number and E-mail address. Enter all the details. Enter the password in the respected field. After that, you will get a confirmation on your phone number or registered e-mail id. Sign in issue If you are facing this problem then you can solve it by changing the password of the account. To do so steps are: Firstly you have to go to the official site of Norton. Try to log in by just adding the required login credentials. Add the password in the required field. Now if you are not able to log in then you have to tap on the option Forgot Password. Now you will be directed to a new page, where you have to enter your mail-id. Just after submitting it, you will get a link in your mail.Just click on it.Add your new password and re-enter to confirm it. Now try to log in again. How to eliminate this issue?Elimination of this problem is a very easy task, you just have to diagnose the problem carefully and choose the best method and follow its steps accordingly. Some of the methods are mentioned below: Solution 1: Review Web Settings Sometimes browser resists you to log in therefore one should change some settings of the browser. After changing some settings or setting up to default, one can check the Web settings of the Browser. Solution 2: Change the Password If you are still facing this problem then it can be eliminated by changing the password of the account. The steps to change or reset the password procedure is enclosed in this blog. Just check it and apply the steps carefully. Solution 3: Use another Browser Sometimes the browser does not allow the user to access their account. So it is recommended to change the browser and try to sign in again. Solution 4: Remove or Delete the Browser History and Cache files Cookies are small files that help to go with the browser activities very fast. These are stored in the system one should delete them to get rid of this error. One should also delete the Browser History to fix this issue. After deleting the Browser History and cache files one should restart the browser and try to sign in again. Solution 5: Block Firewall or Antivirus Activities Sometimes Firewall or Antivirus can create an issue when you want to access the account. It is advised to stop the Firewall or Antivirus activities and login into the account again. Solution 6: Sign in Again If you are in trouble then you should close the browser and then sign in again. You should add the correct login credentials.

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